Best Grass Lawn Seed for UK Gardens

Discover the best high quality, hard wearing, deep rooted and rigorously tested fast growing lawn seed options for new lawns, or for repairing patches in our detailed review.

Top 10 Lawn Grass Seeds in the UK

  1. Evergreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed (Miracle Gro) 88%
  2. Plantworks Ltd Empathy Supreme Lawn Seed with Rootgrow 88%
  3. GroundMaster Hard Wearing Tough Garden Premium Back Lawn Grass Seed 88%
  4. GBW Grass Seed Store Premium Quality Seed 86% - (best seller)
  5. Speedy Seed Grass Lawn Seed 86%
  6. MOOWY Shade & Sun | Premium Grass Seed 86%
  7. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Multi Purpose Lawn Seed 86%
  8. Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed 84%
  9. Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed 84%
  10. Speedy Seed Grass Lawn Ultra Patch 82%

No 1 - Evergreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed

Our favourite choice from the Miracle Gro brand, suitable for new lawns, and also for over seeding. It delivers a thicker and healthier lawn

It is child and pet friendly.

You will see grass starting to grow in the first 4-5 days, and it has a rich green colour.


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Covers 16 square metres

No 2 - Plantworks Ltd Empathy Supreme Lawn Seed

This is a top quality blend of grass varieties for a superior lawn.

It contains root grow mycorrhiza fungi that sppeds up establishment of the grass
Grass seed blend has been selected for natural vitality
The root grow mycorrhiza fungi helps to bind the soil particles and improves nutrient uptake by the roots


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Covers 20 square metres

No 3 - GroundMaster Hard Wearing Premium Back Lawn Grass Seed

This seed will give you a thick well wearing hardy lawn to last throughout the year.

That makes it a great choice for a well lived in gardens!
Can also be used for repairing existing lawns or creating new ones, and delivers thicker green grass in just a few days.
A well known brand that guarantees superb results for your lawn.

An ideal choice for any lawn that is going to have a lot of foot fall.


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Covers 35 square metres

No 4 - GBW Grass Seed Store Premium Quality Seed

This best selling lawn seed is quick to establish and is hard wearing and economical.

Comes with a 100% GUARANTEE and REFUND if you are unhappy with the results.
This seed is designed for the UK climate, and contains a seed mixture of 43% Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass, 40% Creeping Red Fescue, 12% Chewings Fescue and 5% Brown Top Bent.


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Covers 35 square metres

No 5 - Speedy Seed Grass Lawn Seed

This seed will give you results within 7 days. This is a high quality, hard wearing and weed resistant.

Will cover up to 42 square metres for a new lawn and double that when over seeding.

It comes in an easy to use cardboard shake boxes, for even distribution.

First signs of grass growth about a week after sowing.


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Covers 84 square metres

No 6 - MOOWY Shade & Sun Premium Grass Seed

This seed is ideal if your lawn is in the shade for most of the day. It works perfectly well in the sun, however, if you have a lawn in partial shade, then this seed works extremely well.


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Covers 50 square metres

No 7 - Miracle-Gro EverGreen Multi Purpose Lawn Seed

This is a quality grass seed that gives you a hard wearing lawn, and helps faster germination with results in 5 days.

It can be used for over-seeding or creating a new lawn
It should be applied to your lawn during March to early October


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Covers 56 square metres

No 8 - Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed

This seed delivers a thick well wearing hardy lawn to last throughout the year so perfect for gardens with a lot of foot fall

Can also be used for new lawns or repairing existing lawns

This is a good choice for shaded lawns or partially shaded

The seeds are coated in a aqua gel to help protect the seed from drying out, and also helps

The seeds have a blue coating that helps identify where the seed has been sown as you apply
Comes with a built seed applicator for simple and even application


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Covers 25 square metres

No 9 - Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed

This seed has a blend of quick growing and hard wearing lawn seeds

Works for over seeding, repairs or new lawn establishment

This seed has been coated in a blue coating to reduce the likelihood of bird attacks

The blue coating also helps identify where the seed has been sown as you apply

Comes with an in built seed applicator for simple and even application
This pack contains enough seed to cover a 10 m2 area


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Covers 10 square metres

No 10 - Speedy Seed Grass Lawn Ultra Patch

This grass seed is hard wearing, has deep roots, fast growing andweed resistant

This box of seed covers up to 9 square metres or up to 25 patches and should germinate within 7 days

This is a good choice for repairing bare patches or improving your existing lawn.

It comes in an easy to use cardboard shake box, for even distribution


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Covers up to 9 square metres

What is the Best Grass Seed for Your Needs?

As you can see from the list above, there are any number of grass seed options. The final choice that you make will depend on the following:

  • The UK weather - it does depend on exactly where you live in the United Kingdom, but generally speaking most residents in the UK will get the four seasons at some stage of the year. That means your grass needs to be able to deal with frost, snow, a lot of rain and warm sunshine in the late Spring and early Summer
  • Grass Quality - most grass seed is basically general grass seed, and is almost always a mixture of seed types that allows you to have healthy grass and still be fairly hard wearing. - However, if you are looking for a high quality lawn, one that has limited foot fall, then you will have to buy a more expensive seed, but then be prepared to look after it
  • Grass Thickness - We are often asked how tightly you should sow seeds, and in all honesty, it truly does depend on what type of finish you want to have on your lawn. The closer you sow the seeds, the thicker the grass will be. It will look better but will also need to be cut more.
  • Grass Cutting - Unless you lay artificial turf, you are going to have to cut your grass a few times every year, and especially in the late Spring and Summer (March through to October) The faster growing grasses could mean a 1-2 week cut, whereas the slightly slower growing seeds, will mean a cut every 2-3 weeks.
  • New Lawns vs Lawn Repair - Some grass seeds are better for new lawns, and other grass seeds are better for doing repairs also known as re-seeding

How Much Grass Seed do you Need?

For anyone new to sowing grass seed, this is usually the first question that they have. The simplest way of doing this is to measure the area where you are going to spread the seeds. You really only need a rough guideline for this.

The simplest way is to just pace out the size of your garden. The average step length in the UK is 75 cm (varies with height)

So for example, if you paced out your garden and it was 12 paces by 10 paces, then the length of your garden would be (12 x 75) and the width would be (10 x 75) which is 900 cm by 750 cm.

Divide these two numbers by 100 to convert the cm into metres, and in this case it would be 9 metres by 7.5 metres. Multiply those together and you get 67.5 square metres. That is the area of your garden.

Most grass seed will have a coverage amount on the box, and this is always quoted in square metres. You then simply need to buy the right amount to cover the area that you need.

How Close Should You Sow Grass Seed?

This is almost always the second question that people ask, when sowing a new lawn. By this stage you should have picked your grass seed, and calculated the size of your garden. There will always be clear instructions with your grass seed as to how much you should use.

If you spread too thin, you will end up with patch grass which is never a good look. If it is sown too thickly, then the grass can look quite bunched up, and is a real pain to cut afterwards.

The general rules are as follows

  • For a new lawn sow at 50 grams per square metre
  • When over seeding (repairing) an existing lawn, we recommend sowing at 35 grams per square metre

The majority of people will simply sow by hand, and this in our opinion, is as good a way as any to do it. If you have larger lawns, or you want to be very accurate, you can buy a handheld spreader. These do ensure a very consistent distribution of seeds across your new lawn.

These cost around £20 for a good quality model, and they do take the guess work out of sowing grass.

When Should You Sow Grass Seed in the UK?

The times when you can sow grass in the UK is from April through to September. For proper germination to happen, the soil temperature needs to be at least 8-10 degrees. The temperature needs to stay there as well, so something like a sudden burst of frost, will kill off any chance that you have.

We highly recommend checking the weather forecast to find a 2 week period, where there is no forecast of frost, and temperatures of around 10 degrees Celsius. That will give your seeds the best growing chance, and also ensure that you have a healthy lawn.

We don't get a great deal of hot weather in the UK, but we do get spells of it. If you sow during one of those spells, then be sure to water your soil well both before and after sowing so that your seedlings do not dry out.

Soil Preparation for Grass Seed

You will hear many complaints about grass not growing, or grass looking straggled and patchy. In almost every case that we have ever looked at, the main problem for that is the lack of soil preparation. In all honesty, most people get this wrong. We really can't stress enough how very important soil preparation is.

Build your home on a dodgy foundation and it will fall down. Sow your grass seeds on poor soil, and it will look awful.

The Perfect Seed Bed

You really need to focus on three steps (and yes these take time and patience)

  1. Make sure there are no weeds, stones or any type of debris in your seed bed - this requires a lot of digging and weed removal and usually needs done a few times
  2. Drainage - a good lawn needs to have good drainage, otherwise water will lay on the seed bed, and that creates moss and encourages the growth of weeds
  3. Level - where possible, try to keep you lawn as level as possible. that will make your lawn much easier to cut.

Figure Out Your Soil Type

The soil, or more importantly the quality of your soil, will play a very important role in the quality of your lawn. Soil types vary quite a lot in the UK. Very few homes have the perfect soil for growing grass or anything else for that matter.

Soil can range from being sandy to sticky clay. In almost every case you are better off buying top soil, as that will give your lawn the best growing conditions. (Top soils come in different grades and we recommend buying the best grade that you can afford)

Your local garden centre or a quarry is your best bet, and all you need is to know the size of your garden.

If you don't want to spend money on topsoil, then you will need to do a lot of digging, and forking to try and get it as good as you can get it.

Get Rid of All Weeds

Weeds will grow on just about anything including stones, driveways and in your lawn. When preparing your seed bed for grass you need to try and get rid of them all. We recommend using a treatment that will kill moss, control weeds and will help make your lawn green.

Once you have dug your seed bed, raked it and removed stones and any visible weeds, then spread a product like EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care, Lawn Food, Weed and Moss Killer. These take about 2 weeks to work, but it is worth the wait.


If you have no drainage or poor drainage, then water will lie on your lawn. This is a very common problem, and one that is hard to fix. Poor drainage will almost guarantee various types of grass disease, heavy growths of moss and other weeds like daisies, buttercups and dandelions. It also encourages light green and yellow grass.

The best way to ensure draining is to scarify an existing lawn, or with a new lawn, to make sure that it has good drainage at the beginning. You can do this by pushing a fork down into the lawn and allow air in to help the grass breathe. (known as aerating)

There are other tools available to do this such as aerating sandals, hollow tine forks and mechanical aerators

As Level As You Can Get it

In the ideal world a completely level bed is the best option. This will make you lawn really stand out as it looks fantastic. Aside from that, a level bed avoids soil erosion. If your garden has a lot of lumps and bumps in your seed bed, it stops the seed from growing the way it should.

The seed can simply fall off the side of lumps and that will create bald patches appear.

Having any types of lumps and bumps also allow rainfall to gather in very small puddles and that will increase the risk of moss.

Where possible you should rotovate the soil. This helps break up the soil and it can then be raked to being as level as you can get it. When done properly, you should have a seed bed that has a nice level consistency of fine crumbling soil to work with. That does take time and patience, but worth the effort.

Thanks for visiting our UK gardening website which is made to help any beginner gardener. Many people enjoy their garden and our tips and advice are all written to help you get the most out of your outdoor space.

The website team are a group of experienced gardeners who share useful information and we were all beginner gardeners at some point. Enjoy!

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