Leaf Blower Vacuum UK Reviews & Buying Guide

Leaf Blower Vacuum UK Reviews

In this article we are going to review what we believe to be the best value for money, leaf blowers/vacuums, that are currently available on the UK market. There are a lot to pick from.

Hopefully by the time that you finish this article, you will be a lot better informed. In turn that should help make your buying decision, a great deal easier.

As you will know the purpose of these is to allow you to quickly blow or suck up leaves, that are on the garden, decking or your yards and driveways. It is certainly a whole lot faster, than a brush and shovel.

What Types of Leaf Blower Are Available?

Leaf blowers essentially all do the same thing. The difference is in how they are powered up. Like many garden tools, you can buy these as an electrical corded product, a cordless (battery) product or as a petrol driven one. The electrical ones are the most common and also the cheapest.

The cordless battery style are a lot more convenient and cord free, but they are more expensive. The petrol ones are a bit more industrial and also a little more expensive than a cordless version.

Top 5 Electric Leaf Blowers in the UK

Below we have done a top 5 table, of what we believe to be the top 5 leaf blower/vacuum leaf blowers, that are currently available on the UK marketplace. we have included a product name, our rating out of 100% and an average RRP. Just be aware that, prices change regularly, so this is only a guide to the average price you should expect to pay.

If you click on the product name link, then you will be taken to Amazon, where you can read more buyer reviews.

Underneath the table, we have done a more detailed review on each one. There is also a link to our own individual detailed review.

1 - WORX WG517E 2300W Air Turbine Corded Leaf Blower Review

Value for Money
no 1 rated leaf blower

This is a plain and simple, no nonsense leaf blower, that is highly rated by real life buyers. This is ideal for a one handed operation as it is lightweight, and yet very powerful.

Many leaf blowers are heavy, but this one has been specifically designed to be used with just one hand. The power is amazing with up to speeds of 120 mph. It does have a variable speed control though.

Nothing fancy here, no vacuum, no mulching but one heck of a powerful leaf blower.


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Good variation in power from a gentle blow to full on hurricane
  • Can even move leaves off a wet lawn


  • No mulching or vacuum

2 - Platinum Garden Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum 2600 Review

Value for Money
no 2 rated leaf blower

For those of you who want a blower, vacuum and shredder, then we think this one is a very good choice. This uses a powerful 2,600 watt motor to perform all three important functions.

The leaves on the vacuum mode, are then collected in a 35 litre bag. It also comes with a shoulder strap, which can be adjusted to suit your height. The cable length is 6 metres (20 feet)

This blower is fast and easy to assemble, and buyers agree that this is very good value for money.


  • Does exactly what it is supposed to
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Really very good value for the money compared to other expensive brands


  • The bag mounting is flimsy
  • Wet leaves can clog from time to time

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3 - VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower Review

Value for Money
no 3 rated leaf blower

This particular model appears to be the best selling one online. Normally it retails at around £60, but there are a lot of online deals. where you can pick this one up for around half that price. That would explain why it is a best seller.

This is a complete blower, vacuum and mulcher that has a powerful 2,600 watt motor to make sure that it delivers time after time. Like the one above, this one also has a 35 litre bag.

It has a shoulder strap, a 10 metre cable and wheels which all help with easy movement. There is also a thermal cut-off feature. This set of features do make this one a very good choice, and it is built to last. There is a corded and cordless version available. The cordless one comes with a battery and a full charge gives around 15 minutes of blowing.


  • Lots of features including safety features
  • Good variation in power from a gentle blow to full on hurricane
  • Can even move leaves off a wet lawn


  • No mulching or vacuum

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4 - Handy THEV 3000 Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum

Value for Money
Handy THEV 3000 Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum

This blower is a blower, vacuum and also shreds at a ratio of 10:1. It is powered by a 3000 watt motor with variable speed. To go along with that it has a 40 litre collection bag. The cable length is 10 metres of cable and it has the usual style of shoulder strap
There is a useful nozzle support wheel for easy of use on hard surfaces. It weighs  4.9 kg.


  • The variable speeds are really useful especially when you don't want to suck up gravel or small stones
  • Assembly is quick, easy and overall painless
  • Can even move leaves off a wet lawn
  • Does a really good job at shredding and does it quickly as well


  • Some buyers said that it arrived with parts missing

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5 - Q Garden QGBV2500 Leaf Blower Vacuum

Value for Money
Q Garden QGBV2500 Leaf Blower Vacuum

This is a very popular choice for many UK buyers. That is mainly down to the fact that this one does a very good job, but is priced really well and is affordable for most people. It has a 35 litre collection bag and comes with the usual style of shoulder strap.

It measures 46.8 x 32.2 x 22.6 cm and weighs 4.2 kg which is a manageable weight to hook onto your shoulder. It operates off a powerful 2,500 watt motor. This would be a good choice for anyone with a small to medium sized garden.

The cable length is 6 metres which is roughly 20 feet. Like most power garden tools we will almost always have to end up using an extension lead.


  • Buyers agree that this one is not too heavy so easy enough to use and is good at what it does
  • Buyers said that although there is only one speed, it is at a good setting and works really well
  • Buyers said this one had a good suction, was light in weight and just gets the job done


  • A few buyers said it was prone to clogging
  • Just the one speed

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Which Leaf Blower Should You Pick?

Almost inevitably, your choice will come down to a couple of things:

  • Your budget or how much you are willing to spend. Generally speaking the corded versions cost about £30-60, the cordless around £90-100 and the petrol ones around £100-150
  • How often you are going to need to use it? The more often you need to use it, then the better quality you will need to buy.
  • The size of your garden or yard. Electric corded versions are restrictive depending on the size of the lead, an extension lead and what access you have to an external socket
  • Your health and strength. These can be heavy enough to use, and battery and petrol ones are heavier than the electric corded versions. Some do come with wheels, but even with those, they still need some moving around.

So as you can see, there are a few initial decisions to consider. Most people will buy the lower priced electric corded version. You can get  a very good one for under £50, and that will last you for quite a few years.

If you need one that is more portable, then opt for a cordless or even a petrol version. That will allow you to use it anywhere you like without any restriction. You also don't have to worry about tripping over electrical leads.

Leaf Blower Vacuum Buying Guide

Above I have covered off what are probably the key buying decisions, that you will need to make. However, there are a few other considerations and features, that you should be aware of. We have listed those just below.

Mulching Capability

Many of these leaf blowers include a mulching capability. In other words they chop up the leaves and make them into a smaller mulch. That mulch can then be better disposed of, or used as a compost. Leaf vacuums have also got a shredding ratio. This is how quickly the leaves can be shredded. A typical shredding rate is 10:1.

Motor Size & Flow Rate

Like any normal vacuum cleaner leaf blowers are only as powerful as the motor that drives them. In simple terms, the bigger the motor, the higher their capacity to either blow leaves, or suck them up and mulch them. Typical motor sizes are 2,500 watts 2,600 watts, 2,700 watts, 2,800 watts, and  3000 watts.

The gas powered ones will have 500, 750 or 1,000 watt motors, but they are powered by a stronger power source such as a 25 cc engine, so equally effective.

Collection Bag Capacity

Another thing worth considering is how much the bag that captures the leaves can hold. You don't want to be making several trips backwards and forwards to the bin, or the compost heap. The larger the bag, the more they can hold. Typical bag capacities are 35 litres, and 45 litres though they can some in sizes inbetween those

Shoulder Strap

Almost all of these come with a shoulder strap. This is normally draped over one shoulder, and helps take most of the weight of the actual blower. These should be adjustable and also comfortable enough to prevent them from digging into your shoulder. Some will have padding and that does help.


Ideally you want your leaf blower/vaccuum to be as light as possible. These are naturally heavy as they have motors, a bag and the casing. The shoulder strap will help. Another useful option is to have wheels on the bottom so as they can be used to move it along the ground.

This helps to reduce strain and pressure on your shoulders, arms and back. As a result that will allow you to work for prolonged periods without any signs of user fatigue. The wheels on the ground are also a good option when working on harder surfaces as it means you can rest the blower on the wheels.

Typical weights for this type of product are around 3.5-4.5 Kg for a corded version, about 5 Kg for a cordless one including the battery weight and around 6-7 Kg for a petrol version (with the 2 stroke fuel included)

Thermal Cut-Out Safety Feature

A useful feature is to have this safety cut-off. In other words if the motor gets too hot, then the cut-off kicks in, and stops the motor from getting damaged.

Variable Speed

Some of the more expensive options offer you what is termed variable speed. This allows you to set the flow rate, or how quickly the blower blows or the vacuum sucks. For example you can blow dry leaves at a lower rate, and then increase that, to deal with the more stubborn wet leaves.

Cable Length

This of course only applies to the electric corded versions. You can use this with an external extension lead, but we would recommend fitting an RCD to the plug. That will help keep you protected from electrical shocks. Typical cable lengths for the corded version are around 6 metres (20 feet), 10 metres long (33 feet) It will always depend on the size of the garden. Almost always with any corded leaf blower, the lead is simply never long enough.

Manufacturer Warranty

It is always important to have some type of manufacturer warranty. 12 and 24 months are the most popular offered by manufacturers. Most of these warranties will cover parts only. You do of course have your normal consumer rights.

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