Best Petrol Grass Strimmers UK Reviews 2023 

 October 28, 2016

By  Enda

In this article we review the best petrol trimmers in the UK market. These are also known as 2-stroke strimmers, because of the engine type. There are also some higher end 4-stroke models available. Generally speaking though, the two stroke engine, that uses a mixture of petrol and oil, remain the most popular choice.

The petrol versions of these are the choice of professionals in both gardening and landscaping. That is because they are portable, powerful and very durable. They are built to do a lot of work and be used on a regular basis. They cut grass, weeds, hard brush and can also be sued for doing edges. Many council workers also use these when out on the highways and rural roads.

At home, the people who buy these, are generally speaking people with larger gardens, or who maybe look after one or two gardens. They are also popular with allotment owners. Then there are people like me, who enjoy the roar of the engine, the freedom of movement and the way that these blitz through just about anything.

Below we have created a list of the highest rated petrol trimmers that are currently available in the UK market.

petrol grass trimmer reviews

What To Look For When Buying a Petrol or 2-stroke Trimmer?

Understanding Petrol Strimmer Engines

Many users tend to turn to petrol trimmers when they need a heavy duty trimmer that will do some serious trimming and cutting. There are of course a few buyers who just prefer 2-stroke engines to work with, and these are always popular with landscapers and gardeners who have to own something portable.

It is always a good idea to understand what you are getting into when you buy any 2-stroke gardening tool. The engine is heavy, noisy and it does cause some air pollution. Many of them can also be hard to start, and they will need more maintenance that any other type of trimmer, be that electric or cordless.

2-stroke Engine Weight

We have watched many people picking up a petrol strimmer, and initially they think these are not that heavy. It is misleading as for a couple of minutes, they are not too bad. after 15-20 minutes you may think differently, and that is the reason that these all come with a shoulder harness.

You do have to get used to distributing the weight. With a grass trimmer that is easier than using something like petrol driven hedge clippers where the weight is usually held at higher heights. Nonetheless, you have to carry most of the weight with a trimmer as you can't let it touch the ground.

2-stroke Engine Noise, Heat & Pollution

When someone starts up a petrol engine, the neighbourhood will quickly know you are cutting something. These are noisy when just idling and get even noisier when they are being used. The engine does emit fumes and the engine also heats up.

Starting a 2-stroke Engine

This is the single biggest complaint of all. Starting some of these engines can be highly problematic. You do eventually figure it out. The main reason for this is that people tend to not read the instructions and just want to get started.

Each engine is slightly different. Most of them need to be properly primed and then the cable pulled 2-3 times to get it kicked into action. If they have a choke, then you need to carefully know when to close that off and when not to.

The fuel to oil ratio is also very important, and in reality, many users "wing this" rather than directly following the required ratio outlined by the manufacturer. That causes all sorts of problems as the mix is either weak or too rich.

So why bother with a petrol trimmer?

Some buyers just like engines. Others want a trimmer they can use anywhere and is powerful enough to get any job done quickly. Petrol trimmers can whack through brambles, weeds and tall grass with ease. Other electric or cordless trimmers with thin lines will just break the line and leave you VERY frustrated.

Petrol strimmers come with strong metal blades that will cut down almost everything that stands in its way.

Top 5 Petrol Strimmers

All our product recommendations are based on our independent research which we conduct online by reading the many reviews we find at online websites. This review contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission for purchases made.

You can read our affiliates page to find out more and also read about how we write our reviews

1. ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

This trimmer uses a 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine that produces up to 2,200 watts of power and can operate at speeds of up to 7,500 RPM

It comes with a brush cutter and a spool of grass cutting thread

You also get a small tool kit, a harness and a fuel mixing bottle

This is certainly powerful enough and at the lower end of the price point for this type of petrol trimmer

The proper mix for this is 1:25 fuel to oil

Like most petrol strimmers, there is always a knack to starting the engine and we strongly recommend reading the instructions on how to do that properly.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

2. Trueshopping® 43cc Petrol Grass Garden Trimmer Brush Cutter

This petrol trimmer has a 2-stroke 43cc engine that generates 1,250 watts of power using 1.7HP

This is a heavy trimmer designed for tougher work

It has a twin line and a 3 toothed cutting blade, so can also be used to trim along the edges of lawn, as well as being ideal for professional clean-up jobs, including clearing out tough weeds and bushes.

It comes with a nylon cutter head, a 3 tooth pronged blade, a guard, a 5 piece tool kit, combination spanner, a mixing bottle and a harness.

82% buyer satisfaction based on 1,200+ online buyer reviews

3. McCulloch B33 PS, Petrol Brush Cutter, 3

This is one of the better known manufacturers that make and specialise in petrol style garden tools

The higher price point puts many people off buying this model, but it is worth mentioning that we believe this one to be very high quality and the engine is always easy to start

That is because it has a spring assisted starting system making the product easier to start with fewer pulls - this is one of the main reasons landscape gardeners use this brand

When you tap the trimmer head against the ground while it's spinning, it will automatically feed the line

86% buyer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

4. Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Grass Brush Cutter

This petrol trimmer has an advanced full crank 25.4 cc engine

It has both a 46cm line cutting path and a 26cm Tri-Arc+ brush cutter blade.

All line reloads are made easier using the Reel Easy head

It also has a split-shaft for easier storage.

This model is also Expand-It compatible, adding versatility to your Ryobi range.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 250+ online buyer reviews

5. STANLEY STR-750A Petrol Grass Trimmer

This model uses a 2 stroke, 26cc air cooled JETForce3 petrol engine that can produce 12,500 RPM

It uses a 40:1 fuel to oil ratio

2-3 pulls on the starter will get this model started

It has an anti-vibration D-shaped soft grip handle

The shaft is dividable and therefore very light and easy to transport and store.

80% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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