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 March 10, 2021

By  Enda

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best rooting powder that is currently available on the UK market. Rooting products are sold in powder, liquid, and gel form. Powder is the most popular option. A rooting powder will contain natural auxins or synthetic compounds. When these are applied to clippings, their main purpose is to stimulate root growth during the propagation stage.

Some gardeners prefer to make their own form of rooting powder. They will boil a couple of cups of water, and then add something like honey or vinegar. Rooting powder is just a faster, and we think a better way of ensuring healthier root growth.

Doff Rooting Powder

Doff rooting powder helps to promotes strong and healthy roots

The powder contains a natural source that is made from seaweed, to increase propagation

We also use  this for dipping plugs all year round

It is suitable for use on soft, semi-hard and hardwood plants as well

It can be used on a variety of indoor and outdoor cuttings and it will help to form some new roots on any type of cutting

Users swear by this product and many say " this stuff is the best in the business"

88% buyer satisfaction based on 8,000+ online buyer reviews

Miracle-Gro FastRoot Dry Powder Rooting Hormone Jar

This is another massive selling powder that's tried and tested and works really well

It's a hormone powder that will promote and speed up the production of roots on cuttings

The active ingredient is Indole-3-butyric acid, which is a naturally occuring plant hormone, so it's safe to use on your plants 

Miracle-gro is probably the best known brand on the market and it is well known for producing great results every time

Most buyers who use this product love it and won't use anything else

88% buyer satisfaction based on 7,000+ online buyer reviews

Vitax Organic Rooting Powder

This is a pretty new powder thats getting reall good results for users

It's the ideal way to start rooted cuttings and buyers are seeing roots forming within a few days when they use this product

The Vitax powder is an organic rooting fertiliser that stimulates root development and speeds up the whole process

Suitable for both edible and ornamental plants

We found that you can use it with soft, medium and hardwood cuttings

88% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

Elixir Gardens ® Organic Rooting Powder by Westland

This is another fully organic rooting powder that contains no artificial hormones or pesticides

It definitely aids in the establishment and root growth of cuttings.

We have found that it produces some roots in 3 out of 4 cuttings within a few days to a week

It's around the same price as most of the other powders and you can see that it comes in 100g instead of the more usual 50g pack

For best results, stand soft stem cuttings in water for ½ an hour before using the powder and hardwood cuttings need overnight soaking

88% buyer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

Rooting Powder BOOST Compound Hormone Growth Powder

This rooting Powder BOOSTS Hormone Growth using Auxin Hormones

The Indole-3-Butyric Acid 0.44%  promotes growth and is the same ingredient as Miracle-gro

The pack we are showing is 25g but its is available from 10g up to 50g

The 50g pack is the best value and works out around half the price of the Miracle-gro product

As this is pretty new to market we will see how it performs over time but it seems likely that it could get to the number one spot, for value alone

80% buyer satisfaction based on 50+ online buyer reviews

How to Use Rooting Powder for Best Results?

Really using this product couldn't be much easier. We recommend soaking your cutting in water for an hour before applying the powder, overnight if it's a hardwood cutting. 

During propagation you should only apply the powder immediately before you put your clipping in the soil.

For all the powdered hormones, just dip the base of the cutting into the hormone, and brush off an excess. Then plant the cutting into lightly watered soil, just covering the base. Liquid types of growth hormones are pretty much the same process.

Remember that these powders are only used for propogation, nothing else, and it is worth noting that they all have fairly short expiry dates so keep a close eye on that as well.

We hope this has opened your eyes to the world of Rooting Powders and good luck with your gardening.

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