Bosch Isio Cordless Shrub/Grass Shear UK Review 

By  Enda

This Bosch Isio shrub and grass shear model, is the best selling cordless hand grass shear in the UK market today. In this article we have completed a full review, and hopefully that will help you decide, if these are the right hand shears for your needs.

This popular cordless shears is available with or without a telescopic handle. It is more expensive with the telescopic handle so please be aware of that, if you are considering that as an option.

In other words, you can buy this product and simply use it by hand. If you do that then you will have to bend down or stretch up to do certain types of work.

Alternatively, and if you prefer, it can also be bought with a telescopic handle as an accessory. That then makes it handy to do the low down work, without straining your back.

The RRP for this shrub and grass shear is £64.99 but we would highly recommend looking around online for cheaper prices. When bought with the telescopic accessory, the price moves up to around £85, depending on where you make your actual purchase.

Bosch Isio Cordless Shrub

In a Hurry?

Below we have reviewed this hand trimmer in a lot of detail. However, if you don't have time to read all of the information, then you can check the availability at Amazon UK by clicking the button to the right.

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Who Would Buy the Bosch Isio Shape and Edge Set?

People use this for around their gardens, yards and patios. As it is a very portable garden tool it is also handy for allotments. Some people even use it to tidy up plots at the graveyard. It is a tool that many buyers state has actually changed the way they do their gardening.

The fact that it can cut grass, but also cut shrubs, makes this one quite unique. Just be aware though, that it can't do heavy duty pruning. It makes grass edging and bush shaping a very simple task.

It will easily tidy up and trim bushes, shrubs and some hedges. It is simply a good garden all rounder, and the fact that it is portable, means you can use it anywhere you like. Gardeners use this for a whole range of garden tasks.

Specification Summary

This trimmer operates off a 3.6 V lithium-ion battery
It will run for around 50 minutes of use before the battery needs to be changed again
The tool is light to hold in the hand and that helps reduce user fatigue
A simple Multi-Click System means that you can quickly change attachments
Has a grass attachment and a shrub attachment
Option to purchase a telescopic handle for those with back issues or problems

Video Review

What You Get For Your Money

  • The Shears
  • A blade for cutting shrubs
  • A separate blade for cutting grass and edging
  • 1 battery charger
  • A soft zipped storage bag
  • The instuction manual

Product Rating Summary

There are over 7,500 online buyer reviews for these Isio shears, and that means it has sold in its thousands online.

Overall those buyers rate this product with an amazing 92% buyer satisfaction.


Bosch do make top quality gardening products, and this is one of their best selling garden tools.

Easy to Use

Buyers love it because it is light in weight and very easy to use. Buyers say it makes grass edging a doddle


It is very good, but it is also expensive enough to put some people off making the final purchase

Buyer Overview


  • This tool is really good for getting nice neat edges around your lawn
  • It also works really well for trimming grass around pots, along the sides of fences, boards, kerbs and sides of garages and sheds.
  • Cuts grass really well and the blade is sharp
  • Can handle shrubs very effectively - works best with thicknesses of less than 5 mm
  • Work well as topiary shears
  • Great for trimming box hedges


  • They are not good for any type of heavy cutting or thick branches on shrubs
  • After long periods of use can be sore on the hands 

There are thousands of online buyer reviews to read. Overall those buyers have rated these shears at a pretty solid and reliable 92% buyer satisfaction. We have done a lot of reviews over the years and it is not often that you find any product with such a high buyer rating. That is of course a great sign if you are considering making a purchase of these.

We also had a look at the poor ratings and on average 2 out of every 100 buyers were not happy with their purchase. Those that did complain said that these do not cut thicker branches. To be fair to the manufacturer they do state clearly that this is not what they were designed for. These are trimmers and not pruners.

Product Summary

There are thousands of gardeners who own this product and it has a 92% satisfaction rating. More than any other hand held cordless trimmer, gardeners get quite excited about this one.

Our Opinion on these Grass Shears

This product has been out for a number of years and we have used these a lot. The reason it has sold so highly is because it is ideal to trim small bushes, hedges and lawn edges. It also does this pretty quickly.

What we really like about these shears is that it is light, easy to use and the battery lasts for a good length of time and charges quickly.

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- Enda mclarnon - editor

It is clearly a very good product, and those who buy it rate it very highly. For us it is just a very handy tool to have around the garden. It takes a lot of the manual work out of trimming hedges, shrubs and grass.

It comes with its own case, so that helps protect it and means that you can carry it around, to wherever you may need to use it. This is an ideal set of shears for quick tidy ups such as lawn edges, and light trimming of hedges.

One thing we would recommend to any potential buyer, is to charge immediately after you finish using it. That way, it will be ready to go the next time you take it from your garage or shed.

We would also recommend that you get the telescopic handle version of these, and especially if you suffer from any type of back problem. With those handles on it just makes your life a great deal easier.

Some products I do dither and often don't recommend them for various reasons. We have been using these for a very long time and quite honestly, they are a fantastic tool to have for your garden.

Isio Accessories

There are a few accessories for these shears which we think are worth mentioning.

Bosch F016800329 Isio Telescopic Handle

Bosch Home and Garden Isio Telescopic Handle

Quite a few people, especially those who have already bought the shears as it just means you can use the shears without having to bend down or kneel down

It is also handy for some higher up trimming as well

Like most things telescopic there is a nice range of height adjustment in this handle which to be honest you would expect 80-115 cm (31.5" to 45")

It is pretty easy to attach to the shears so you don't have to fiddle around which is always a good thing.

Many buyers said that as it is expensive enough it put them off, but when they did decide to get it, they wished they had bought it earlier.

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Bosch 2609002039 Isio Grass Shear Blade

Bosch Isio Shrub shear blades

Blades will wear out over time and this is the replacement grass shear blade for the Bosch Isio

This allows you to turn the hedge or shrub shears into grass shears for doing the edges of your lawn

It isn't suitable for the older models such as the Isio 3 600 H33 100

All blades with a cartridge system are compatible with ISIO

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I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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