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Easily Care for House Plants

6 Quick Tips on How to Easily Care for Your House PlantsMany home owners have great success when growing and caring for house plants. They are usually referred to as having “green fingers.” Unfortunately some people struggle to keep any house plant in a healthy state.  The good news is that it is possible for […]

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Growing Flowers In A Garden

5 Simple Tips for Growing & Caring for Flowers for BeginnersIf you are new to gardening, and in particular new to growing flowers, then welcome to our guide on how to grow and care for flowers for beginners. There are numerous books written on the subject of growing flowers of many different kinds. Those books go […]

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Ways to Protect Plants

5 Different and Effective Ways to Protect PlantsKnowing how to protect your plants is a necessity for all UK gardeners. We need to protect our plants from pests, diseases and the wonderful UK weather. The only way of achieving that is to understand what things you can do, and then have the discipline and dedication […]

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Best Plants to Attract Butterflies

Best Plants to Attract Butterflies UK In this article we want to inform you about the best plants to attract butterflies into your garden. This is often referred to as “butterfly gardening.” Quite simply, this is the art of growing certain types of flowers and plants that will attract these colourful creatures to your garden. […]

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Cottage Garden Plants Shade

Best Cottage Garden Plants For Shade & The Sun in the UKI guess it is true to say that cottage garden plants, conjure up notions of escapism and a tad of romance. The idea of a cottage garden comes from those bygone days when working class families had to mix the pleasure of gardening with […]

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