Draper Gardeners Kneeler Seat UK Review 

By  Enda

For around £25 this kneeler seat from the brand Draper, is a very popular choice for gardeners up and down the United Kingdom. It is not perfect but it does get many things right, and it is certainly worth a closer look and review.

If you like the idea of owning a kneeler, that is also a seat and comes with storage, then this Draper model ticks each of those boxes. Overall buyers give this particular kneeler an 86% satisfaction rating. It is as I said, a good choice but not without its flaws.

Most buyers used this for the gardening purposes of weeding or planting. Others used it for various tasks like fixing things outside, at their allotments, for cleaning shoes and any task that would require some sitting and sometimes a bit of kneeling.

lady kneeling on the draper kneeler

People also use this for around their yards, patios, vegetable gardens and large areas of muddy ground. It is also useful to tidy up plots at the graveyard. Other people use it in their greenhouse, their allotment and on hard decks to do planting. Clearly there are many uses for a handy gadget like this one.


  • Measures 57.2 x 22.5 x 38.2 cm and weighs just under 1 Kg (22" x 8.8 x 15" and weighs around 2.1 lbs)
  • Compartment storage under the seat measures 30 x 14 x 4.5 cm (12 x 6 x 2")
  • Foam kneeler
  • Rubber seat
  • In the sitting position will hold someone with a weight no heavier than 90 Kg (14 stones)
seat set in an english garden

Now I did mention that this kneeler has its good points and bad points. I have summarised those below.

Buyer Ratings & Comments

  • Buyers give this an overall satisfaction rating of 86% based on 2,000+ buyer reviews
  • 61% give this seat a 5 star rating
  • 5% give this a poor review


  • It is good value for money at around the £25 price point
  • Made of strong plastic so will not rust
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • It is very light and easy to move around
  • The tool tray is very handy for storing some commonly used tools and bits and pieces like a knife, string etc
  • Great for trimming box hedges
  • Make a great gift for a gardener


  • You can only kneel on one side of the kneeler, so make sure it is the right way around
  • A few buyers said that the foam was not that well padded, felt quite firm
  • Not suitable for people over 14 stones, or for those who have to exert a lot of pressure on the handles to get up from a kneeling position.
  • You can't adjust the height of the seat and for taller people that is an issue

Draper Seat Round Up

This seat is available at Amazon UK

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £24.37 - 86% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ buyer reviews

If this is not the kneeler seat for you, then read this article to find out more about garden kneelers.


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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