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 November 2, 2016

By  Enda

We gardeners know that planting or weeding can be tough on the back. We also know that it can be even tougher on the knee joints. When younger that is quick to recover from. As the years move slowly by, the pain gets more intense. One great way of protecting the knees is to use some type of garden kneeler, a pad, a stool or even a garden kneeler seat.

Almost every buyer said that they wished they had bought one of these years ago...that is worth bearing in mind

Not only do they help cushion the knees from the hard ground, but they also prevent any dew or dampness in the grass soaking through our clothes, and into the knee joints. These types of kneelers are not expensive, and my advice is if you haven't got one, then you should.

As I mentioned these do come in a few different types, so let's take a much closer look, at what is on offer in the UK market place.

Garden Kneeler with Handles

This type is ideal for anyone who has difficulty getting up from the ground. The best way to think of this is to consider yourself in a kneeling position, and then of how easy or hard it is to push yourself up from that position. If you find it, in any way tough, then buy a kneeler with handles. I would also suggest that anyone who still likes to garden, but suffers from arthritis in the knees, would love one of these.

They allow you to grip on to two handles and push yourself up. The better ones are very sturdy and they also fold away quite simply, for easy storage, when not required. The average cost of these is around £10.

Garden Kneeler Seats

This type is slightly more expensive, and typically will cost around £15. That is about £5 more expensive than a kneeler with handles. The beauty of these is that you get two products in one. It is both a seat and a kneeler. When it is set up as a seat, they are strong and support most weights.

Then you simply have to flip it over, and you can then kneel on the soft foam. You can then use the handles to get up from the kneeling position. Read more about kneeler seats.

buying a kneeler seat

If you are considering one of these, just make sure that it is strong and tough. There are a lot of cheap versions of these, and they are completely useless. Some of the better versions come with garden tool holders. That can be useful, if you like somewhere to hold say a small garden trowel, fork, weed remover, string, plant tags etc.

Garden Kneeler Pads and Mats

These are the simplest type of kneeler. Essentially they are a foam pad that usually has a carrying handle. The pads and mats are slightly different in size and shape. These types of soft kneeling pads are not just suitable for gardens, but can be used for scrubbing floors and other jobs of that nature around the home.

Garden Mats vs Pads

Garden Mat Style

buying a garden mat

Garden Pad Style

buying a garden kneeler pad

You can see that these vary in shape and size. The pad on the right can be used for gardening and general use. The mat is typically designed just for gardening and will be better quality, waterproof and offer more protection.

Jumbo Kneeling Pads

Most kneeling pads are small. When you are working on an area and are finished, then you simply move it across to the next area, to continue your work. With the jumbo size versions, they cover quite a large area, and that saves you having to move your kneeler as much. Typically these are as big as 12 x 15" when compared to a standard kneeling pad of around 12 x 7"

Garden Knee Pads

Last but not least is the gardening knee pads. As you can see from the image below, these are standard style of knee pads, that are filled with a soft gel. 

knee pads for the garden

These help protect the knees from the hard ground. They strap on around the back of the knees, usually with some form of velcro strap. They also help keep the knees of wet or damp ground. These are comfortable to wear. Most complaints about these are that the straps tend to cut into the back of the legs, after prolonged use.

Why Not Make Your Own Garden Kneeler

If you are good with your hands, and particularly sewing, then why not simply make your own inexpensive garden kneeler. If that is something that you would like to try, then check out this video below.

Summary of Garden Kneelers

So there you have it folks, a nice variety of garden kneelers. My advice is to buy some type of these sooner rather than later. One theme that I noticed when doing my research, was that many buyers wished they had bought these years ago.

It is never too early to start protecting your knees.


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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