Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box UK Review 

By  Enda

This is our detailed review of the Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box. As you can see from the image below this is designed as a bench that you can sit on, and underneath the seat, you can store many gardening or other types of items.

This Keter brand also do a couple of other sheds rather than benches; You can read about those by clicking the links below:

However this review is about their model known as the Eden bench. It has an RRP of £99.99, but you can usually find it online for less than that. Online buyers have given this storage bench an average satisfaction buyer rating of 80%

It has maintained this rating from thousands of online buyers. Many of those buyers have taken the time to leave a review. Here at this website we pull all those reviews together, and then summarise those.

That should hopefully save you some time having to read through all of those individual reviews yourself. Just below you can see an image of this bench/storage solution.

As you can see this bench looks great, and the good news is that this is easy to keep clean. It is made from a hard plastic which is easy to wipe. If you like your comfort you will have to buy a cushion or cushions to make the seat a bit more comfortable.

This bench will comfortably hold two adults. You can buy this one in the beige and grey colours shown in the images below

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box Review

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box (Beige Colour)

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box Grey

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box (Grey Colour)

Summary Review

As part of our research we discovered that you can buy this online and at some gardening stores with a recommended retail price of £129.99. We also know it gets good online buyer ratings of 88%. Search around as you can usually find it slightly cheaper online, and you can get it delivered to your door. However we now want to have a closer look at what it has to offer in terms of features and storage.

In summary this shed is made from hard plastic panels with a wood effect look. It has a 265 litre capacity so able to hold quite a lot, though clearly not large items. It is weather-resistant and virtually maintenance and fade-free. It has lockable positions that complete the unit.

Key Specifications

  • When assembled, it measures (L x W x H) 140 x 60 x 84 cm (55.1 x 23.6 x 33 inches)
  • For simple and rough measurement it is about 4.5 feet 3 inches long, 3 feet high and 2 feet wide
  • It weighs 14.7 Kg (32.4 lbs) - just over 2 stones and 4 lbs
  • Storage capacity is 265 litres
  • It is available in beige or grey
  • Ideal outdoor storage bench for garden tools and equipment
  • As it is dry can be used for furniture cushions, garden games and accessories
  • Comfortably seats two adults and has lockable option for added security
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant and maintenance fade-free plastic

Used for Storage

keter eden bench storage

Keter Eden Bench used for storage

Used as a Bench

keter eden bench

Keter Eden Bench used as a seat

Short Video Review

We found this good review on YouTube, and we think it does an excellent job of explaining exactly how the benefits of owning this bench and storage combination might be a good choice for your home.

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box Buyer Overview

The online buyer satisfaction rating is always something that you should have a look at very closely. As you can see the average buyer rating for this Eden bench storage is a pretty solid 88%. It has maintained that high rating for quite a few years.

When I checked all the online reviews, I discovered that around 69% of those buyers rated this one very highly, and in essence gave this shed the full 5 star treatment.

Around 5% of online buyers said that this product was poor and that they didn't like it or rate it that highly. I shall certainly check why that was the case and have shown that just below, in the what the buyers didn't like section.

What Buyers Said About the Eden Bench Storage Box

What Buyers Liked

  • Buyers said that this added a really nice touch to their garden
  • Most buyers said it took between 30-60 minutes to assemble
  • Keeps out the rain and that is very important.
  • Buyers believed that they got good value for money
  • Many buyers said it looked really well and that this Eden bench was also very practical for general storage
  • Buyers say this feels really sturdy when assembled

What Buyers Didn't Like

  • Some buyers said that they broke it when trying to assemble it
  • Some buyers said it was made from thin cheap plastic
  • Some buyers simply believed that they expect better quality from the Keter brand

My Verdict on the Keter Eden Storage Box

Clearly from the buyer reviews, it is clear to see that overall, they seem to like the product.

We think that at the £125-135 price point this is good enough value for money, but we recommend shopping around as you can find this one cheaper than paying the full RRP.

The 5% of complaints is higher than we like to see, and those are a mixture of difficult assembly, and buyers struggling to get this to click together. That sounds like they have got a poor unit from the factory, and personally I would be returning it, if that happened to me.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Price when reviewed £125.00 - 88% customer satisfaction based on 11,000+ buyers

Overall buyers believe this bench to be good value for money, and it is certainly handy for storing some items. It can hold two adults easily and I do like the fact that it is easy to keep clean.

Tips Before Buying the Keter Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box


I would strongly recommend having 2 people doing it, as it makes the entire assembly process a great deal easier. The instructions are easy enough to follow. Just be aware though that if the pieces don't easily click together, then get in touch with the buyer and get it replaced.


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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