Keter Store It Out Midi UK Review 

By  Enda

With the Keter Store It Out Midi outdoor plastic garden storage shed, you have a good sized storage space, that can hold a range of items such as your gardening tools, plant pots, patio accessories. You can also use them to store a couple of wheelie bins if you want to keep those bins looking neat and tidy, and free from cats and dogs.

Some buyers used this to store bags of coal and some also used it to store their mobility scooter. It certainly has plenty of varied uses. 

It has an RRP of £99.00, but you can usually find it online for less than that. It has maintained this rating from thousands of online buyers. Many of those buyers have taken the time to leave a review. With that number of reviews we can tell you right away, that the Keter brand have sold thousands of these, to many happy and content buyers.

As you can see this shed looks great, and it has been cleverly designed to meet the needs of most UK households. This is the midi size and if you prefer to read about the Keter Maxi size, then please click here. Let's have a closer look at the Keter Midi model, in this detailed review.

Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

The Midi Size from the Keter Brand

Summary Review

As part of our research we discovered that you can buy this online and at some gardening stores with a recommended retail price of £130, We also know it gets good online buyer ratings of 82%.

However we now want to have a closer look at what it has to offer in terms of features and storage. In summary this shed is made from plastic panels with a wood effect look. It has an 845 litre capacity so holds a lot. That is not quite as big as the Keter Max version which has a 1200 litre capacity.

It is a general purpose outdoor storage box, so ideal for garden tools, most lawnmowers and other equipment. As it provides a dry and well ventilated space it is also suitable for storing garden/patio furniture and cushions and more.

Alternatively you can use this to hold up to 2 x 120 litre sized wheelie bins, and many UK buyers make this purchase for that specific reason.

This is a tough garden box that is is weather-resistant and virtually maintenance and fade-free. It has a heavy duty floor and a padlock hasp that completes the unit. To open the storage unit, you can simply lift the top lid, or if you prefer there are two doors at the front which you can pull open.

keter sheds

Key Specifications

  • When assembled, it measures (L x W x H) 130 x 74 x 110 cm (51.2 x 29.1 x 43.3 inches)
  • For simple and rough measurement it is about 4 feet 3 inches long, 3.5 feet high and 2.5 feet wide
  • It weighs 23 Kg (50.7 lbs) - just under 4 stones
  • Storage capacity is 29.8 cubic feet or 845 litres
  • It is a beige and maroon colour as you can see in the images
  • It has a lift up lid and two wide opening doors for easy access to contents
  • The main door has a bolt with padlock capability
  • If ordered, it will arrive flat pack style, and will need assembled
  • It will hold two 120 Litre Trash Bins
  • Weather resistant, easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Waterproof and ventilated
  • Made from plastic
  • Designed to fit underneath most window sills, be used on the patio or to sit against a fence or wall
  • 2 year warranty

Used for Storage

keter midi storage box

Keter Store It Out Midi used for storage

Showing Some Stored Items

keter midi for storage

Keter Store It Out Midi with some stored items

Short Video Review 

We found this very good review on YouTube, and we think it does an excellent job of explaining exactly how the benefits of owning this storage shed.

Buyer Overview

The online buyer satisfaction rating is always something that you should have a look at very closely.

As you can see the average buyer rating for this shed is a pretty solid 82%. It has maintained that high rating for a few years.

Buyer Satisfaction

When I checked all the online reviews, I discovered that around 60% of those buyers rated this one very highly, and in essence gave this shed the full 5 star treatment.

Around 8-9% of online buyers said that this product was poor and that they didn't like it or rate it that highly. I shall certainly check why that was the case and have shown that just below.

What Buyers Say

What Buyers Liked

  • Buyers said that this storage shed looked really good and held the items that would normally be left sitting around the garden
  • The Midi is a good size and doesn't feel like it is taking over smaller gardens
  • Keeps out the rain and that is very important.
  • Takes a little time to assemble but not really that difficult
  • Like having a large dry cupboard in your garden or patio
  • Buyers say this feels really sturdy when assembled

What Buyers Didn't Like

  • Some buyers said that they received broken parts
  • Some buyers said it was hard to assemble
  • Some buyers simply believed that it wasn't worth the money

My Verdict

Clearly from the buyer reviews, this is a smaller storage shed that is pretty versatile and has been used for many different storage solutions.

Popular uses are for garden tools and mowers. After that the use for this shed varies a lot from BBQ gear, to patio cushions, to kid's toys and just about anything else you can think of.

We think that at the £130.00 price point this is good enough value for money, but we recommend shopping around as you can find this one cheaper than paying the full RRP.

Check Amazon UK for Availability - Price when reviewed £130.00 - 90% customer satisfaction based on 8,000+ buyers

At the end of the day it is just a sturdy plastic box with a lid and two doors. However it does keep your things dry, and the ventilation ensures that your items don't get damp or covered in mould. It is a good solution for gardening tools, and the many things we seem to gather up around the garden and patios. I liked the fact that it weathers well.

Quite often these can get more abuse than is ideal. They are not really made for sitting on, and many buyers said that kids tend to swing on the doors if they are left open.

If the shed is well positioned and cared for then it does last a long time.

Tips Before Buying the Keter Midi

If you are buying this to store wheelie bins, then check the actual sizes of your bins first. Some areas in the UK use 120 litre bins, some use 180 litres and some use 240 litre bins.

This model can hold the 120 litre size. You will need the Keter Maxi for the larger wheelie bins.


This is not hard to assemble, but I would strongly recommend having 2 people doing it, as it makes the entire assembly process a great deal easier. Also make sure that the ground is level where you are going to locate it. Avoid slopes as it will make the doors not close properly.

Fitting Locks

Quite a few buyers recommended using a Stanley knife to trim some of the lock mouldings as that helped make a better and neater joint in the plastic.


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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