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By  Enda

If like me you like to do a bit more gardening then you will already understand the benefits of owning a greenhouse. However, some people will not have the space, or indeed be able to afford, a full blown greenhouse

This is where a mini greenhouse is a possible solution worth looking at. Some people may refer to these as a hobby greenhouse or a compact greenhouse.

They are not large enough to produce vegetables or flowers on a commercial basis. They are however big enough to help you to grow your own flowers and vegetables for the home. So if you fancy growing a tomato plant or two, or perhaps some fresh greens, then one of these can be a very good investment.

Mini greenhouses are available in a range of widths and heights and there are different features available with them all.

If you are looking around to see what is available, or are available in the UK market for a hobby greenhouse, there are several options on the market. Most of these will not be large enough to walk into and must be accessed from the outside.

The cheapest versions are a basic shelving covered with a zippered tent of clear plastic. This type of greenhouse, also known as a grow house, is a very good option for the hobby gardener who simply wants a place to keep flowers or houseplant seedlings and starts.

Larger Greenhouse Options

When it comes to buying a larger type of greenhouse, you are always better advised to go and have a look at what is available. You can find these in specialist gardening centres and it is much better to view them there and see what is available.

If you spot one that you fancy, then you can always price check the brand and model number online. There are a variety of designs of hobby greenhouse that are large enough to walk into, but made entirely of clear glass or plastic. They also have a range of features depending on exactly what you want to have.

These are often the same size as a garden shed. Some independent builders have started making these to sell locally. 

Mini Greenhouse Features and Options

The simple and much cheaper greenhouse options are fairly basic in nature. They come in different sizes and shapes, but are essentially some type of shelving which is then covered. The cover helps keep in the warmth, and to some extent keep out the frost and protect against lower temperatures.

The larger and better hobby greenhouses can come equipped with automatic sensors that open vents which allow ventilation and keep the interior temperatures from getting too high. These do save you time, and better enhance the growing experience but it does make them more expensive.

If you want to spend even more money, then the larger greenhouses can be bought with built in  irrigation or misting systems. That is at the higher end of the market. Many people who are good at woodwork, can easily construct a wooden frame and add in panels of glass.

Mini greenhouses are perfect for raising seeds and seedlings, cultivating plants, protecting against frost, cold and pests and for display. They work well on small gardens, allotments, patios, balconies & decking.

Kingfisher GHPRO Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse

Kingfisher GHPRO Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse

This Kingfisher mini greenhouse is currently the best seller online according to our research.

It measures H130 x L50 x D45cm (51 x 20 x 18in)

It weighs 3.5 Kg

It is classed as a 4 tier greenhouse and has a roll up door with zip fasteners

There is some assembly required but it is pretty basic to setup by yourself - buyers said the instructions are very good

This is not glass panels as it uses a OVC cover 

Buyers also recommended using cable ties to help keep the shelves in place

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £17.95 - 88% buyer satisfaction based on 3,500+ online buyer reviews

VonHaus 4 Tier Mini Plastic PVC Greenhouse

VonHaus Mini Greenhouse

This is a more traditional mini greenhouse and also sells very well online

It measures 71.1 x 48.3 x 10.2

It weighs 5.1 Kg

It is classed as a 4 tier greenhouse is made using a powder-coated steel frame, with a PVC cover, and 4 wire shelves.

Each shelf can hold up to 8kg/18lbs maximum weight capacity.

It comes with a 2 year warranty

No tools are required for assembly and it can be used all year round

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £50.75 - 88% buyer satisfaction based on 1,300+ online buyer reviews

CHRISTOW Mini Greenhouse 3 Tier

Christow Mini Greenhouse 3 Tier

This is a more traditional mini greenhouse and also sells very well online

It measures H125cm x W69cm x D49cm and weighs 4.3 Kg

It is classed as a 3 tier greenhouse is made using a rust-resistant, powder-coated tubular steel frame, with a durable PE cover, and 3 mesh shelves.

The cover has 2 layers of polyethylene which makes it thicker than a PVC cover, but still allows sunlight to shine through (UV-resistant to reduce fading and degradation from the sun.)

It also has a roll up door with zippers for easy access.

It has 3 mesh shelves with clips and the mesh is very good for allowing away excess water from the plants (over watering) It is quick to put together and you don't need any tools.  You put the steel poles into the plastic connectors to build the frame, then attach the shelves and secure the cover over the top using the integrated ties.

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £29.99 - 90% buyer satisfaction based on 700+ online buyer reviews

Kingfisher GHWOOD Wooden Greenhouse

Kingfisher GHWOOD Wooden Greenhouse

This is a more traditional wooden style mini greenhouse

It measures 120 x 69 x 51cm

This mini greenhouse has a flat back with 2 separate lids with height adjustment and locks. 

It has 3 slatted shelves inside and a wide double door opening to the front and has twin walled semi-transparent polycarbonate glazing

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £108.99 - 80% buyer satisfaction based on 700+ online buyer reviews


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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