Attracting Butterflies to a Garden

People love these most beautiful creatures and children are especially fond of them. The most important thing to do, is create a safe environment for them.

Common Garden Butterflies

The most common garden butterflies are: Large White Peacock Red Admiral Small Tortoiseshell Small White

Planning Your Butterfly Garden

Sunny and sheltered spaces are best. Ideally any area that gets around 6 hours of sunshine per day is best. Avoid any areas that are prone to getting a lot of wind. Taller plants can act as wind breaks but ideally, as much wind protection as possible is best. So if you have some type of water feature, good sunshine, and free from wind, that is the ideal environment for all types of butterflies.

Plants that Butterflies Like

The types of plants that butterflies like include honeysuckle, milkweed, and summer lilac.  They also like lilies and lavender.  Butterflies are also attracted to wild grasses, nettles and thistles. Valerian, daisies, Yellow Sage, day lilies and lavender. They also like Buddleia, Lilac, Ice Plant, Marjoram, and Michaelmas Daisies.  In the autumn, flowering Ivy may be covered in Red Admiral butterflies.

Butterfly Gardening Kits for Kids

There are quite a few gardening kits that children can use, to help create a friendly environment for butterflies.  Children aged from about four and upwards can observe real caterpillars eat and grow to form their chrysalis. When that happens they then then emerge as Painted Lady butterflies. Children will love feeding the butterflies in their included observation habitat and then releasing them into the wild. Once the butterflies emerge, children can have lots of fun feeding them and watching them eat. These kits come with a dropper for squeezing sugar water into the habitat for the butterflies to drink.