UK Gardening Tool Reviews & Gardening Tips for your Garden pleasure

On this website we provide a wide range of gardening tips and independent garden tool reviews for "would be gardeners" in the United Kingdom. This website is aimed primarily at beginner gardeners and for those who simply want to have a neat and tidy garden.

This website is aimed to help amateur  gardeners who want to understand the basics. It is not aimed at highly experienced gardeners, though you may still find some of the information interesting.

Enda McLarnon 
Amateur Gardener

About the Author

I love to have a neat and tidy garden. It is however quite a bit of work, depending on the size of your garden, what you have in your garden, and how much you enjoy (or hate) gardening.

I speak with many beginner gardeners and all they simply want to know are the basics of gardening.

I also use a lot of gardening tools, so I like to review those as well. Hopefully the information I provide here, can help any would be gardener, or simply someone who wants to have a neat and tidy garden, without a great deal of work.

“If I am not sure about something in my garden, then I go to Enda for his advice. It is always honest, and he just gets to the point with an idea or a solution. He also has more gardening tools than anyone else I know.”

Jeff McGee

“I do enjoy my garden, but I work full time, so don't have a lot of time to spend doing a lot of things in the garden. It's important for me to get the basics done and keep everything looking just perfect. Enda is the man to go to as he has magical green fingers.”

Nadine Carlin

Gardening Hand Tool Reviews

If you plan on doing any type of gardening, then you are going to need some hand tools. The basic hand tools will do of course, and there is simply no need to spend a fortune getting enough basic equipment to keep a neat and tidy garden. We have listed the important garden hand tools just below with a short explanation, and a link to each of them, so as you can find out more.

These will include garden spades, forks, rakes, hoses, secateurs, loppers and other useful hand tools.

Garden Spades

traditional garden spade

The garden spade is used for traditional digging of beds and borders

Garden Forks

digging fork buying guide

The garden fork is used for breaking up soil in beds and borders

Hand Forks

hand fork for the garden

The hand fork is one of the most used tools for weeding and planting


the garden rake

The rake is ideal for raking up leaves and also for leveling soil in beds and borders

Garden Kneelers

lady kneeling on a garden kneeler seat

Kneelers are very handy when working around beds and borders

Garden Hoses

man using a garden hose

If you have a garden of any kind then you will need to own a good quality hose.

Secateurs & Pruners

secateurs pruning a shrub

Secateurs are very useful for pruning bushes and shrubs in the garden.


old man using loppers

Loppers are great for dealing with higher branches and tree and hedge maintenance

Garden Tool Holders

holder for garden hand tools

If you have a range of garden tools, then a tool holder keeps them neat and tidy

Garden Tool Sets

tool sets for gardens

Often it is better value to buy a good garden tool set than to buy individual items

Garden Twine & Ties

twine for garden ties

Any good gardener will always have some ties and a good ball of twine

Soil Testers

kit for testing soil conditions

Discover your soil type and learn how to improve it with a soil testing kit

Gardening Power Tool Reviews

Years ago, gardening power tools simply did not exist. Gardeners then used hand push mowers and hand tools to look after the garden. Gardening power tools are really all about helping you get things done faster and more effectively around the garden. From cutting the hedges and grass to washing down the patio or painting a fence, a power tool is going to help a lot to make this type of task a great deal faster.


Honda Izy HRG536SD 21-inch Wheeled Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Check out our UK buying guide for manual, electric, petrol and even robotic mowers.

Grass Trimmers

grass strimmer buying guide

Check out our UK buying guide for electric, petrol and cordless grass trimmers in the UK

Hedge Cutters

electric hedge cutters

Check out our UK buying guide for electric, petrol and cordless hedge cutters in the UK

Garden Shredders

shredding waste in a garden

There are two main types of garden shredders in the UK market. Find out more.

Leaf Blower/Vacuums

vonhaus 3 in 1 leaf blower review

There are manual, electric, and petrol leaf blowers. Most also have a vacuum option.

Pressure Washers

pressure washing for the garden and yard

There are a wide variety of pressure washers for decks, patios and yards

Fence Sprayers

spraying a fence

The fence sprayer is an effective and fast way of painting tall or long fences

Log Splitters

petrol driven log splitter

There are manual and electric and petrol automatic log splitters

Composting Information for Beginners

If you plan on doing any type of growing then making your own compost is well worth considering. It is of course environmentally friendly, but will also cut down a lot on your recycling, and save you a lot of money over the years. With just a little know how and a little bit of patience, you can make extremely good rich compost for your flowers, plants, shrubs and vegetables.

Understanding Compost

hand full of compost

There are manual, electric, and petrol leaf blowers. Most also have a vacuum option.

Tumbling Composters

no 3 tumbling composter

There are manual, electric, and petrol leaf blowers. Most also have a vacuum option.

Compost Converter Bins

no 1 tumbling composter

There are manual, electric, and petrol leaf blowers. Most also have a vacuum option.

Gardening Tasks by Month in the UK

Beginner gardeners may be uncertain what tasks need to be done at certain times of the year. Worry no more as we have included what to do month by month. This is for all types of gardening throughout the year for anyone living in the United Kingdom or Ireland. Click on any month to see what activities you need or could be doing.


gardening jobs to do in September


gardening jobs to do in October


gardening jobs to do in November


gardening jobs to do in December

Growing and Caring for Plants for Beginners

Just below we have included a selection of our most popular pieces of information on the website. These tips are all about growing plants including flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

In this section we look at what are the best vegetables to grow in your garden. We have aimed that information at beginners to growing your own vegetables at home.

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