Best Garden Hose UK Reviews 2020 & Buying Guide 

Best Garden Hose UK Reviews

In this article we investigate and check out the best garden hose. For me, a good quality hose is a "must have" so as you can be easily able to use it primarily around the garden. You can of course use it for a range of other tasks such as pressure washers, washing the car etc. Its main purpose though is to be able to use it to water flowers, gardens, lawns etc.

The single most frustrating things about most garden hoses though is twofold:

  1. Not being able to unfold or be able to fold it away quickly and without it getting bent and twisted so that it doesn't work without taking the kinks out of it
  2. Not to have it springing a leak, especially when connected to an outside tap.
Top Rated UK Garden Hoses

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If you have ever used a hose before, and suffered from either of the above problems, then you will know just how frustrating that can really be.

Top 5 Rated Garden Hoses in the UK

Underneath, I have made a table of the best rated garden hoses, that are currently available in the United Kingdom. These are based on buyer ratings which use a star system, with 5 being the highest rating and 1 being the lowest rating. These are from buyers who have bought the product, used it and then taken the time to leave a review. That makes them very valuable.

Underneath the table, you will then find a more detailed review on each garden hose.



Average Price

Average Rating

Anti-kink NTS Garden Hose

number 1 rated UK garden hose



100 Ft Expandable Garden Hose Pipe

Number 2 rated garden hose



Hozelock 2-in-1 Compact Enclosed Hose Reel with 25 m Hose

number 3 rated UK garden hose



Hozelock Pico Hose Reel with 10 m Hose

Number 4 rated UK garden hose



Hozelock 60 m Hose Cart and 30 m Hose with Connectors

Number 5 rated UK garden hose



Number One Choice - Anti-Kink NTS Garden Hose

This is a 50 metre hose and please note that there is no reel with this one. Buyers rate this one highly with an average rating of 94% buyer satisfaction, which is an excellent rating. This one comes with a 30 year guarantee, is designed for heavy use, and is easy to roll and unroll.

number 1 rated UK garden hose

This is a long hose at 50 metres and is ideal for those with bigger gardens. Buyers really like this one a lot, though be aware that a few buyers have said, that it can still kink, but that it doesn't hold the kinks when next used.

Number Two Choice - Anti-Kink NTS Garden Hose

This is a 100 feet hose (30 metres)and please note that there is also no reel with this one. Buyers rate this one highly with an average rating of 90% buyer satisfaction, which is a very good rating.

It is made from latex and can expand up to 3 times the original length. This one does come with a spray gun that has 7 settings. It is easy to store and drains very quickly.

Number 2 rated garden hose

As you can see this garden hose comes with a money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with your purchase, you can quickly and easily get your money back. It comes with a 2 piece connector which will fit an external tap. This hose is NOT suitable for sprinklers and will not connect to a normal kitchen tap. It is light and compact.

hozelock garden hoses

Number Three Choice - Hozelock 2-in-1 Compact Enclosed Hose Reel

This is a 25 metre hose and comes with everything that you need. This is the one that I own myself and would also recommend to anyone. It is also the best seller at Amazon UK, and at several other gardening websites. Buyers rate this one highly with an average rating of 88% buyer satisfaction, which is a very good rating. This hose is enclosed within the reel, has a carrying handle, a viewing window, and a very easy manual rewind action.

number 3 rated UK garden hose

This is what I call a "proper hose." It comes with all the fittings, is neat and tidy and the length of the hose allows me to do all my gardening jobs, hosing down my driveway, and is still long enough to reach my car.

You can use it as a free standing model, or attach it to a wall if you prefer. Personally I think it is the best one on the UK market right now.

Number Four Choice - Hozelock Pico Hose Reel with 10 m Hose

This is a smaller 10 metre hose and ideal for those with smaller gardens, patios or any type of small garden space. Buyers rate this one highly with an average rating of 88% buyer satisfaction, which is a very good rating.

Like the one above, this Pico hose is enclosed within the reel, has a carrying handle, and is nice and compact, making it easy to store away.

Number 4 rated UK garden hose

It comes with a 5 function spray gun, is lightweight, easy to rewind and even easier to store. Please be aware that at 10 metres, the length of this hose is very small.

This one would only be suitable for people with small gardens. Think about 10-15 normal steps and that is the total length of the hose.

Number Five Choice - Hozelock 60 m Hose Cart and 30 m Hose with Connectors

This is a larger 30 metre hose and comes in the very traditional hose cart style. Buyers rate this one highly with an average rating of 86% buyer satisfaction, which is a very good rating.

You can see from the image below that the wheeled hose cart, makes this one a great deal easier to move around and position. You can also buy this one in a 50 metre size.

Number 5 rated UK garden hose

This is a good choice for those with larger gardens, or for anyone who is not able to carry around a normal hose. It does not come with the connector that fits from the tap to the hose and that is really annoying, so be aware of that.

As you can see from the table above, the Hozelock brand are by quite a way the most popular choice for most UK gardeners. I own one myself and have always found them to be reliable and very well made. The other two on the list, which do get slightly higher buyer ratings, are the newer forms of hose, that are supposed to be wrinkle or kink free.

UK Garden Hose Buying Guide

Below I have included a buyer's guide which I hope you will find useful. For those of you wanting to replace or buy a new garden hose, then this will be a very useful guide, that will help you make the best choice.

What Length of Hose Do You Need?

Forget about the hose kinking or bending when thinking of buying a hose. In my opinion the biggest mistake made when buying a hose, is that most people buy one that is too short. I have seen so many people doing this and it is a huge mistake. Have a think about what you will be using the hose for.

Is it for doing the gardens, washing the car, cleaning down patios etc? Then pace out the distance from the tap where it will be connected to the farthest area where you will need the hose to reach. the average pace size is about 2.5 feet. Count up the paces, and then multiply by 2.5 and you will get the length you need in feet. That is the length of hose that you will need.

For example say you wanted the hose to wash your car which was parked outside your house. I would walk from my external tap, up the driveway, and around to the other side of the car. Let's assume that was about 40 paces. 40 x 2.5 is 100 feet. There are approximately 3 feet in a metre, so a 30 metre hose would do the job.

Now Think About Kinks in the Hose

This is probably the most annoying thing of all. You are using your hose and bingo, the water drops to a dribble or stops altogether. You look around and there is a big kink in the hose pipe. You fix that, go back to your work, and bingo it happens again.

Over the years I have used lots of hoses and all of them are prone to this bending and kinking. Some are a great deal worse than others. Please take my advice and avoid buying any type of cheap hose. It will drive you insane!!! For a good quality hose and reel, expect to pay around £35-40. For that you get a tough strong hose that will not kink, and will last for years.

Hose Fittings

If you have never worked with hose fitting before, they may just drive you to distraction, especially when they leak. Something that "should" be very straightforward can often become quite complex. There are essentially only two fittings that you need to do. The first is from the tap to the hose or to the hose reel, and the second is from the other end of the hose to the spray head.

My strong recommendation is to only buy the complete kit. That way you are certain you have all the right parts. With a brand like Hozelock that is an easy thing to do, and fitting then becomes very easy.

External Taps for a Hose

outside tap for a hose

For far too long I struggled with trying to fit a hose to the kitchen tap. (Much to the complete annoyance of my good lady) This is simply a very bad idea. if you haven't got an external tap, then I urge you to buy one and either fit it yourself, or get one fitted. You will fall in love with it.

An external tap like the one above costs under £10 and makes your life a great deal easier. The only difficult bit is drilling the hole through the wall so as you can tap into the main water pipe.


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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