Best Rotary Lawnmower UK Reviews

Thanks for taking your time to read our information and reviews on the best rotary lawnmowers on the UK market. Rotary mowers are currently the most popular type of mower on the UK market. A rotary mower is a lawnmower with a single blade on the base of the mower, that spins around and cuts the grass.

Rotary mowers are without doubt the most popular and versatile mower type. That is simply because they can cope with most types of grass, lawns and garden types. They are more popular than cylinder mowers or hover mowers.

Rotary mowers are easy to identify as they will have 4 wheels. If you look underneath the mower you will see the single rotary blade. This blade actually chops grass and although it is an effective method of cutting, it is actually quite a crude method.

That is why you may have noticed that cylinder mowers are used on grass surfaces such as bowling greens, cricket pitches and golfing greens. However, the majority of home owners simply want a fast and effective method for cutting their grass a few times a year. The rotary mower does just that.

The majority of this type of motor are powered by electricity. There are some rotary mowers that are petrol driven.

rotary lawnmower electric

Electric Rotary Mower

rotary lawnmower petrol

Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

Top 10 List of Rotary Mowers by Buyer Rating

Below we have shown a list of the top 10 rotary mowers, which we have placed in order, of the highest buyer rated first. When we do our research, we look at the various websites that sell rotary lawnmowers. On most of those websites, buyers have the option to leave a rating.

We make a note of those ratings, and then calculate an average rating score, which we show as a percentage. The higher this number is the better. If you click on any of the product names below, you can read a short summary of each mower. There is also a link within each summary review, that will take you to a full detailed review of each mower.

Our Top Rotary Lawnmower Picks



Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

With over 5,000 online reviews, not only is this a huge seller, it also gets the highest overall buyer satisfaction rating of 92% which is impressive. This mower has a powerful 1500 watt motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease.

It has a 36cm cutting width and 20-60 mm cutting height options. This mower has a 40 litre grass box. Most mowers have a 10 metre cable but this model has a longer 12 metre cable. he need to worry about reach.

This lightweight lawnmower floats on a cushion of air, making it highly manoeuvrable for your ease-of-use.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 6,000+ online buyer reviews



Flymo EasiMow 300R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

This model comes in different cutting widths of 30, 32, 34 and 38 cm. With over 4,000 online reviews this model is also a popular choice. It is one of the most affordable on the UK market and suitable for small to medium sized gardens.

It has a 1000 watt motor, and 20-60mm cutting height options. It comes with a 30 litre grass box and has a 10 metre cable. It also has dual lever handles that allow you to comfortably operate the lawn mower with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 4,500+ online buyer reviews



Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

This mower is suitable for small to medium sized gardens up to 150 square metres. It has a cutting width of 32 cm, and adjustable cutting heights from 20 - 60 mm.

It also has a 31 litre grass box, a grass comb, a 1200 watt motor and a 10 metre cable length. This is a popular choice for UK buyers with smaller sized gardens as it is lightweight and easy to use.

86% buyer satisfaction based on 8,000+ online buyer reviews



Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 Electric Rotary Lawnmower

This model has over 300 online reviews and is a popular choice for many UK buyers - it is also one of the quietest mowers on the market. It uses a very powerful 1700 watt motor which does cut through the toughest of grasses.

This model has a 41 cm cutting width so a good choice for medium to larger sized lawns (up to 400 square metres in size). It has a cutting height of 20-80 mm, and uses a 7 step simple to adjust system for the various heights, It has a large 50 litre capacity grass collection box with carrying handle.

90% buyer satisfaction based on 600+ online buyer reviews



Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

This model has around 1,000 online reviews so again a pretty good seller in the UK market. This model uses a 1400 watt motor and is available in 30, 34 and 38 cm cutting widths.

It also has a 20-60mm cutting height adjustment. It comes with a 35 litre grass box and a 10 metre cable. It has dual lever handles allow you to comfortably operate the lawn mower with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability.

84% buyer satisfaction based on 4,000+ online buyer reviews

#6 - Best Petrol Rotary


Webb Classic 41cm (16") Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

For anyone wanting a petrol rotary mower, this Webb Classic appears to be the best choice. It makes use of a Webb DVO130 132cc Engine, with either a rear discharge or a collection grass box option.

This model is hand propelled and uses a single lever to pick from one of 7 cutting heights (25-75mm). It has a 45 litre collection bag, a steel deck, ball bearing wheels, and a metal cutting blade.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

#7 - Best Seller


Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

This mower is a huge seller online and remains a firm favourite option for many UK buyers. It uses 1,300 watts of power and has a smart motor that can cut even in wet grass. It has a 34 cm cutting width so a good choice for small to medium sized lawns (up to 300 square metres in size)

The cutting height is 20-70 mm and is adjusted by a single lever. The handles fold over for storage and the grass box is also stackable for storage, and it has grass combs which are perfect for taking care of the edges of the lawn It has a 40 litre capacity grass collection box and a sharp steel rotary blade.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 8,000+ online buyer reviews



Bosch Rotak 36 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

This model also sells pretty well online and in many garden centres in the UK. It uses 1,350 watts of power and is a lightweight mower for use on small to medium sized lawns. It has a 36 cm cutting width so a good choice for small to medium sized lawns (up to 300 square metres in size).

The cutting height is 20-70 mm, with grass combs, an integrated rear roller for stripes, a fold-down handle and stackable grass box for easy control and storage. It has a 40 litre capacity grass collection box with carrying handle.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 7,500+ online buyer reviews

#9- Most Affordable


Einhell GC-EM 1030 1000W Electric Rotary Lawnmower

This is a 1000 watt electric rotary lawnmower with a 30 cm cutting width. This German brand has a 3-level axial height adjustment, with a folding handle and cable strain relief. It also has grass protecting, large wheels. The cable length is 10 meters.

This model has a 3 step axial cutting height adjustment, and is recommended for lawns up to 300 m sq.. It also has a 25 litre grass collector and the strong housing consist of high-quality, shock-resistant plastic for regular and long use.

86% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ online buyer reviews



Mountfield 297411048/AMZ HP41 Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

This mower has a 123cc Mountfield ST120 OHV Autochoke engine which is hand propelled. It has a 39 cm cutting width. You can also adjust the cutting height between 20-70 mm and this can be adjusted in 5 different positions.

It has a 40 litre grass collector. Buyers say this mower is lightweight, easy to start and easy to use.

Rotary Lawnmower Buyer's Guide

We always like to provide a buyer's guide as that can be very useful when it comes to buying any product. Just below we explain the most important issues that you should consider when buying a rotary lawnmower.

Which Brands Make Rotary Lawnmowers? 

Flymo and Bosch are the two main brands who make this type of rotary mower. If considering a petrol style rotary lawnmower then Mountfield and Webb are the two most popular brands.

How Much do Rotary Lawnmowers Cost? 

At the lower end of price points, for a basic rotary mower they cost around £70-£80. At the higher end of the price points they can cost between £180-250. So why the big difference?

The more expensive rotary mowers have a better design and better engineering. They will have larger and more powerful motors, larger cutting widths, noise reduction, ergonomic handles, larger grass boxes and will be easier to store.

For example a basic mower will have a 32 cm cutting width, a 1200 watt motor and a 40 litre grass box. One at the higher end with have a 46 cm cutting width, a 1700 watt motor and a 50 litre grass box, along with other features.

Petrol rotary mowers cost between £150-250 depending on the brand and engine size.

Motor Size is Important

For any rotary mower that is powered by electric, the motor size is an important consideration. This is measured in watts, so when looking at that, you will see something like 1200W. That would mean that particular mower is a 1200 watt motor.

The motor is what drives the blade around, and is also what dictates the speed of the spinning blade. Rotary mower motors can vary in size from 1,000 to 1,700 watts. The general rule of thumb is the larger the motor, the easier it is to cut your grass.

You certainly need a larger motor to cut longer grass, or larger areas of lawn. Larger motors are stronger and perform better, without over heating and cutting out. A larger motor will also last much longer than a smaller motor size.

For larger gardens (over 750 square metres) we would recommend a petrol mower or some form of ride-on mower rather than a rotary option.

Cutting Width

This is simply the width of grass that a mower can cut in one single pass. This is measured in centimetres. Rotary lawnmowers come in many different width sizes ranging from 32 cm to 47 cm. The larger this cutting width the faster you will be able to cut your grass, simply because you can do a wider area with each pass of the mower.

Cutting Height

All rotary mowers have cutting height ranges. This refers to the amount of grass that you want to leave on your lawn once it has been mowed. These heights can range from 20-80 mm (0.8" to 3.15"). The recommended height of grass for fine lawns, is around 6-13mm (¼-½in).  For ordinary lawns this will be 13-25mm (½-1in) in summer and up to 40mm (1½in) in spring and autumn.

This is why you need to have various heights on your mower. On the cheaper and basic rotary mowers you need to change the height by manually moving the wheels into different slots. On the more expensive models, this is achieved by clicking a button and moving the mower up and down.

Grass Collection Box

All rotary mowers will have a grass collection box. The mower shoots the cut grass from the blade into this box. The size of the grass collection box will determine how often you need to empty it when cutting your grass.

These vary in size from 40 litres to around 55 litres. The bigger the box, the less trips you have back to your waste disposal bin. In the more expensive models, these boxes will have an indicator as to how full the box is. They will also be foldable which makes the mower smaller to store away.

The boxes which don't fold are usually made of a hard plastic and hook on to the mower. The foldable boxes usually have a plastic top and bottom, but the sides are made from a mesh, which is easy to fold.

Ease of Assembly & Maintenance

When you first receive your mower, there is usually some assembly required. This can take between 15-30 minutes to do depending on the model of rotary mower that you buy. This can involve assembling the grass box, putting the wheels on and assembling the handle. This is a one-off assembly and depending on the instructions can be simple or a real pain.

Rotary mowers do not need a lot of maintenance. They should of course be cleaned and dried off after each use to keep them in the best condition. (In reality few people do this, but they really should) The biggest weakness in a rotary mower is damage to the blade.

Ideally a blade should be sharpened a couple of times a year. This is an easy task to do, but again most people don't honestly know how to do this. It can be done using a knife sharpener, a metal file of a small grinding wheel.

Sticks and stones can also chip the blade and that will greatly reduce its effectiveness. The blade should be replaced when it gets damaged and these are cheap and easy to replace with a screwdriver and a spanner.

Petrol Rotary Mowers

Petrol rotary mowers are a whole different beast when compared to an electric rotary mower. The blade and grass box etc all serve the same purpose. the difference is that an engine powers the blade rather than an electric mower. There is no doubt that a petrol driven mower will power through grass cutting much faster than an electric version.

Petrol mowers do not have a power cable, and that means you can reach further into the garden, and you can also take it anywhere without having to think about how close you are to a plug socket. They can handle long and dense grass, and they are very durable as they have a petrol-powered engine and high-quality design.

On the other hand, petrol mowers are also heavier to move around, and they do need more ongoing maintenance. There will be maintenance tasks such as cleaning the air filter, changing the oil, checking the condition of the drive belt etc

Rotary Mower FAQ

Just below we have answered the most frequently asked questions about rotary mowers by buyers.

Should I buy a Rotary or a Reel Cylinder Mower?

Rotary mowers are used for general grass cutting. Cylinder mowers are better for precise grass cutting, which is why you will find they are used on bowling greens, cricket pitches and decorative lawns. The cylinder mower uses sets of blades which cut the top of the grass and as such will not cause any tearing of the grass. Rotary mowers however use a single hardened steel blade which basically chops the grass. The rotary mower will be much faster, but not as forgiving to the grass.

Should I buy a Rotary or a Hover Mower?

Hover mowers use a cushion of air to keep them off the ground, whereas rotary mowers use a set of 4 wheels to do that. Both types of lawnmower cut the grass from above using a rotating cutting disc or blade. With a rotary, your only option is to cut the grass in straight lines. So if you like stripes on your lawn, the only viable option is a rotary. The hover allows you to mow the grass in any direction, and is also much easier to move around. Hover mowers are usually better for irregular shaped lawns. Also because they are lighter, they are better for using on lawns with slopes.

Are rotary Lawnmowers Any Good?

It is honestly a matter of personal preference. For the vast majority of home owners, a rotary mower is perfect for their gardens. For very keen gardeners who want a "perfect lawn," they will usually use a cylinder reel mower as it is much better for the grass. They do take more time to use, but a keen gardener will not mind that. Home owners with very large gardens will more likely opt for a petrol mower or even a ride-on mower. There are of course the technically minded people, who will simply use a robotic lawnmower, and let that do all of the work for them.

Do Rotary Mowers Have Rollers?

Some models do have a back roller and some don't. The purpose of a back roller is to help create stripes on their lawn. Trying to achieve that without a roller is close to impossible. It also depends on the type and height of the grass, but the roller is what shapes the grass in different directions and creates stripes. If that is the look that you want to achieve, then be sure to buy a rotary mower with a roller at the rear.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading our information about rotary lawnmowers, and are at least, a little better informed as to their capabilities. Out of all the mower types on the market, an electrical rotary is what you will find in many garages and sheds throughout the UK.

Thanks for visiting our UK gardening website which is made to help any beginner gardener. Many people enjoy their garden and our tips and advice are all written to help you get the most out of your outdoor space.

The website team are a group of experienced gardeners who share useful information and we were all beginner gardeners at some point. Enjoy!

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