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Garden Kneeler

We gardeners know that planting or weeding can be tough on the back. We also know that it can be even tougher on the knee joints. When younger that is quick to recover from. As the years move slowly by, the pain gets more intense. One great way of protecting the knees is to use […]

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Best Garden Kneeler and Seat

Best Garden Kneeler & Seat Combination ReviewsIn this article we look at garden kneelers that can also be used as a seat. In other words, they serve both purposes. In the sitting position you have a comfortable seat, and when reversed, you kneel on a foam pad, and can use the seat legs, to help […]

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Folding Garden Kneeler Seat

Folding Garden Kneeler Seat ReviewFor just a few pence over £10, it is little wonder, that this kneeler is one of the best selling of its kind. It doubles up as both a kneeler, and also as a seat. This particular model is very highly rated by the many thousands of buyers at 4.7 out […]

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Draper Gardeners Kneeler Seat

Draper Gardener’s Kneeler Seat ReviewFor around £15 this kneeler seat from the brand Draper, is a very popular choice for gardeners up and down the United Kingdom. It is not perfect but it does get many things right, and it is certainly worth a closer look and review. If you like the idea of owning a […]

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Garden Kneeler Seat

Garden Kneeler Seat by NRS HealthcarePriced at a tad over £15, this kneeler seat gets very strong and positive reviews by UK buyers. Many people buy their parents this particular model. I think it makes a really useful gardening gift. It will certainly help anyone suffering from joint issues, or anyone with restricted mobility issues. […]

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