Best Electric Hedge Trimmer UK Reviews - with
Full Buying Guide

Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews of the best electric hedge trimmers that are currently available on the UK market. Hedge trimmers are one of the most popular garden tools that you will find throughout the United Kingdom.

There are three different types of hedge trimmers available on the UK market. These are:

  1. Electric corded hedge trimmers - these are the type that you plug into the electric main's supply
  2. Cordless hedge trimmers - these work off a battery that you can charge when it runs out
  3. Petrol or engine powered hedge trimmers (Usually small 2-stroke engines)

In this article we will focus on the electric corded hedge trimmers. In many ways, your final choice of hedge trimmer will come down to how much you want to or can afford to pay. The electric hedge trimmers are the cheapest and that is why they are the most popular.

electric hedge trimmer buying guide

Another important consideration when buying an electric hedge trimmer is the amount of hedge that you have to cut, the height of your hedges and the width of your hedges. It will of course also depend on the type of hedge, and how badly or how well that it has been cared for in the past.

  • If for example you have a wide hedge, then a longer blade is an important consideration
  • Likewise if you have a tall hedge in your garden, then pole hedge trimmers should be an important consideration.

For now though we will show you the top 10 list of electric corded hedge trimmers, that are available on the UK market right now.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Pros & Cons


  • Affordable and cheapest to buy
  • They are easy to use
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They remain the most popular choice
  • They don't pollute the air


  • You always have to keep an eye on the trailing electrical lead
  • The leads are usually not that long (10 metres average)so most likely you will need an extension lead
  • It is all too easy to cut through leads

Electric Hedge Trimmer Buying Tips

Hedge trimmers have now been around for a very long time. In days gone by home owners had the chore of having to cut their hedges with hand shears, which was an arduous and time consuming task. With the launch of hedge trimmers this task time was greatly reduced.

Even so, this type of electric hedge trimmer still had many problems. Mainly they were heavy and users had major problems with the blades. Thankfully the latest models are much lighter in weight, and that makes them a great deal easier to handle and control.

In addition to that manufacturers have made different size of models and that now allows you to pick a hedge trimmer that will suit different sized gardens and hedges.

Simply because of that it is fast to keep your hedges in really good shape. If you regularly trim hedges that also makes it faster to do and well trimmed hedges really do encourage healthy growth

Choosing the right hedge trimmer to suit your needs is all about finding the right balance between the size of your garden, the type of hedge and your own personal comfort.

How Do Electric Hedge Trimmers Work?

Electric hedge trimmers have:

  • A set of blades
  • A motor inside a casing
  • An electric lead with a UK 3 pin plug and 13 Amp fuse

When you plug the trimmer in and switch it on at the plug, you are then ready to go. All electric hedge trimmers use a double start method. That means you will have to use both hands to turn it on. Usually there is a lever on the top handle and then a button somewhere else on the casing. Both have to be operated at the same time to start the trimmer.

This is done for safety reasons, as a one button start could start the blade accidentally which would of course be very dangerous.

Once you start the trimmer, an electric current flows into the motor. The motor is then connected through to the blades and the blades will vibrate backwards and forwards to create the cutting action.

Motor Size Options and Importance

The more powerful the motor is on your hedge trimmer the better it is to cut your hedges. It also makes sure that your motor will not burn out. For example if you force a hedge trimmer through a thick hedge and it has a small motor, then you are putting that motor under stress. It can get quite hot and will burn out at some stage.

With a bigger motor it can handle tougher jobs.

Electric hedge trimmers typically have motors ranging between 400-700 watts. Watts is simply a measurement of the power. The easiest way to remember this is the bigger this number the better.

For smaller gardens though this is not really a big issue. If you have a medium or large garden then that can be important as you will want a high powered motor that will last.

High powered motors will use more electricity, but the difference between a 400 watt and a 700 watt motor, for an hour's work is only a few pence, so not a big consideration.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Blades

These are of course a vital feature of any quality hedge trimmer. It is these that do the cutting and as such will do the bulk of the hard work. There are two important elements to the blades:

  1. The length of the blade
  2. The gap between the blades (Teeth Spacing)

Blade Length

This is the length of the blade from its tip to where it joins the casing of the trimmer. The most common sizes are 45 cm (17.5") and 60 cm (23.6").  That is not that long so just be aware of that. Most people can reach about two feet in front of them (60 cm) so in total the distance you can cut will be either 

105 cm with a 45 cm blade or 120 cm with a 60 cm blade.

It is important then to know the width of your hedge. If you have a hedge that is less than 120 cm (4 feet) wide, then these blade lengths will do the job really well.

If your hedge is wider than that, then you will need one with a longer blade, and when you do that, your choices reduce quite a lot.

Blade Gaps (Teeth Spacing)

When you look down on a set of trimmer blades, you will see a space between the blades. This is referred to as the teeth space. In principle, the wider the teeth spacing, the thicker the material your hedge trimmer blade can cut. Having a wider tooth gap makes it easier to cut through thicker branches and stems. 

We do want to include a word of warning here as in real life, for electric hedge cutters, this honestly matters very little. Electric hedge trimmers are not hugely powerful, and if you try to use them to cut thicker branches, the blades will just get jammed and damaged.

This type of trimmer is designed to trim and not to saw through thicker branches or stems. The bigger heavier duty petrol hedge trimmers can handle that type of cutting.

Most standard hedge trimmers come with a 15 - 20 mm gap which is enough to trim most hedges. If you have mature hedges or thicker hedges then look for a trimmer with a 30 mm tooth gap.

Blade Sharpness

The sharper your blades are the better of course. The sharpness also really helps keep down the amount of vibration you will get in your hands and arms when using your trimmer. You can buy trimmers that have laser cut or diamond ground blades which are sharper and will last longer.

Hedge Trimmer Handles

This is also an important feature and it refers to the top handle and the rear handle. The rear handle sits at the back of the trimmer and is used to help balance the trimmer when in use. The top handle is then held to balance the trimmer in your hands.

On the top handle there is usually a starting handle as well. Handles are all about giving you a nice balance of the tool when using it and they should feel comfortable in your hand.

Some trimmers use what are called "wraparound handles." These allow you to rotate to the trimmer and be able to hold the trimmer at various angles. The more options your handle offers, the easier it will be to use.

Top 10 Buyer Rated Electric Hedge Trimmers

Just below you will find our list of the top 10 electric corded hedge trimmers. These are based on real life buyer online reviews. On various websites when people buy a hedge trimmer, some of them take the time to leave a review, after they have bought the trimmer and used it.

We then look at all of those reviews and summarise those to come up with our top 10 list. That way we are sure that we have got the trimmers that get the best overall buyer ratings and reviews. We just think that is useful research and good valuable information. It also saves the readers at my website having to do all that work themselves.

The first 3 on our list are from the popular Bosch brand. They all get very good buyer reviews. The only real difference is the actual blade length.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 5,000+ online buyer reviews

Bosch AHS 45-16 Electric Hedge Cutter

  • This is one of the biggest selling hedge cutter online with hundreds of buyer reviews
  • Has a 94% buyer satisfaction rating
  • It weighs 2.5 kg and has a powerful 420 W Bosch motor
  • 45 cm blade length and 16 mm tooth opening
  • Has a soft-grip handle
  • Diamond ground blades for a clean, precise cut
  • Has a protective blade cover when not in use

Bosch AHS 60-16 Electric Hedge Cutter

92% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ online buyer reviews

  • It weighs 2.8 kg and has a 450 W Bosch motor
  • 60 cm blade length and 25 mm tooth opening - this is one of the longest blades available so ideal for wider hedges
  • This model has high quality diamond ground blades for a clean precise cut
  • Comes with a protective blade cover
  • Soft grip handle
  • A great choice for small to medium sized hedges
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty which can be extended to 3 years when you register your product online

Bosch AHS 50-16 Electric Hedge Cutter

94% buyer satisfaction based on 4,000+ online buyer reviews

  • It weighs 2.7 kg and has a 450 W Bosch motor
  • 50 cm blade length and 16 mm tooth opening - this is one of the longest blades available so ideal for wider hedges
  • This model has high quality diamond ground blades for a clean precise cut
  • Comes with a protective blade cover
  • Soft grip handle
  • A great choice for small to medium sized hedges
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty which can be extended to 3 years when you register your product online

Flymo 9671028-01 Easicut 460 Hedge Trimmer

92% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ online buyer reviews

  • Has a 92% buyer satisfaction rating
  • It weighs 3.74 kg and has a 450 watt motor
  • 45 cm blade length and 19 mm tooth opening
  • This one uses a dual action for blade which gives a neater finish
  • It also has a central handle position designed for safer use
  • This trimmer is proving to be a very popular choice with many UK buyers as it is light in weight and is a very durable and easy to use hedge trimmer.

VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer/Cutter

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

  • Has a 90% buyer satisfaction rating
  • It weighs 3.5 kg and has a powerful 550 W motor
  • 60 cm blade length and 16 mm tooth opening and oscillates at a rate of 1700/min for a smooth cut without snagging
  • One of the most affordable on the UK market at the moment
  • Very lightweight at just 3.2 Kg
  • It has a 10 metre cable
  • It comes with a blade cover and a cable holder
  • Has a 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • It also has a soft grip handle

NETTA Hedge Trimmer and Cutter

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

  • Has a 90% buyer satisfaction rating
  • It weighs 2.4 kg which is one of the lightest on the market
  • It has a 500 watt motor
  • It has a cutting 41 cm blade length and 16 mm tooth opening
  • It has a 6 metre cord
  • Designed for small to medium sized hedges
  • Also has a two-way safety switch and a hand protective guard
  • Has a soft grip handle


88% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

  • This trimmer has a powerful 600W motor
  • It comes with 60cm dual action asymmetric steel blades
  • It also has a 35mm saw blade for cutting larger diameter branches
  • It does have a 25mm max cut capacity
  • Uses a bale handle for improved comfort & control
  • Weighs 2.7 Kg

NETTA Pole Hedge Trimmer Long Reach Telescope

84% buyer satisfaction based on 550+ online buyer reviews

  • This trimmer has a powerful 550 watt motor
  • This long reach hedge trimmer measures 2.20 metres (7.2 feet) at the normal setting and 2. 70 metres  (8.9 feet)when it is extended
  • The blade length is 45 cm
  • It has a cutting capacity of 16 mm thickness
  • It comes with a 10 metre cable and a shoulder strap
  • The blade is made of laser-cut and diamond ground steel
  • The head is multi-angle and you can adjust the angel to 135°

Hedge Trimmer Options

We mentioned earlier in this article that there are four different types of hedge trimmer to consider. Just to remind you those are:

  • Electric corded hedge trimmers
  • Cordless hedge trimmers (Battery)
  • Gas powered or engine powered hedge trimmers (Usually 2-stroke engines)
  • Pole Trimmers (For high or wide hedges)

The first three mentioned are simply about the source of power that is used to drive your hedge trimmer. The pole trimmer should only be a consideration for you, if you have a very wide hedge that can not be reached with a normal hedge trimmer, or a very high hedge.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers


  • No electric leads to worry about
  • They are more portable and can be used anywhere
  • They don't pollute the air


  • More expensive than an electric option
  • Batteries can run out in about 30 minutes and then need to be recharged

Engine Petrol Hedge Trimmers


  • Great for tougher jobs as they are more powerful
  • They are used mainly by commercial gardeners and landscapers
  • There are no leads to worry about, more portable and can be used anywhere


  • They are more expensive than an electric option or cordless option
  • They are noisy
  • They use fuel, so a bad choice for the environment
  • Engines can get hot against your skin
  • They are heavier than either electric or cordless.

Pole or Extension Trimmers


  • These are an option for those with very wide or very high edges
  • They stop you from having to use ladders
  • They are available with different power sources


  • It is quite difficult to find a really good one
  • They can be hard to control and balance

So those are the options, and for the remainder of this buying guide we will focus on the electric corded hedge trimmer.

Nice to Have Features of Electric Hedge Trimmers

The features that we have listed above are the really important features to understand. The features discussed below are more designed to suit your preference. They are still worth considering though.

Blade Cover

This is simply a cover that goes over the blade when not in use. It helps protect the blade if it is sitting about in a garage or a shed. One top tip here is to always make sure that the blade has been cleaned and dried before being put into the sleeve. That will help prevent the risk of rusting and keep your blades in good condition.

Some of the higher end hedge cutters also have a tip protector on them. That makes it a good choice for areas such as where the hedge meets a wall or fence, and you have to use the tip to get the hedge cut. Most cutters don't have that, and it is a nice bonus to have.

Electric Lead Storage

All hedge cutters of this type do come with an electric lead. When you have finished using the cutters, then you want to be able to quickly wrap this lead up neatly for the next time. Some of the models have what they call storage. That is simply some form of design on the cutters where the cable can be wrapped around.

If you don't have that, then we strongly suggest wrapping it around some form of drum or reel. If you don't do that, over time the lead will get tangled and curled up, and that just makes it a real pain to use.

How To Use an Electric Hedge Trimmer Safely

Safety First When Using an Electric Hedge Trimmer

We have seen so many times a user cutting through the trailing lead. There is usually a bang followed by your hedge cutter lead dangling in two, or being jammed in the blades. That is of course very dangerous. If you are lucky, the lead gets cut cleanly through and the cutters stop working.

The lead will be damaged but at least it can be repaired. This will of course need to be properly repaired. Sometimes the lead gets jammed or stuck in the gap in the blades. That can take a bit more work to get out, and once you achieve that, then of course it needs to be properly repaired.

Sometimes though, as well as the damage to the lead, the fuse in the plug may be blown. It may also be possible that the fuse for the socket may have blown.

The best way is to repair the lead first and try the cutter again. You can the use a process of elimination to figure which, if any fuses, are blown

It is recommended that with any outside garden tool such as a hedge cutter, grass trimmer, lawnmower etc, that the plug is also plugged into an RCD. That gives added electrical protection and just keeps you safer.

Thanks for visiting our UK gardening website which is made to help any beginner gardener. Many people enjoy their garden and our tips and advice are all written to help you get the most out of your outdoor space.

The website team are a group of experienced gardeners who share useful information and we were all beginner gardeners at some point. Enjoy!

- Enda mclarnon