Flymo 9669523-01 Contour XT Electric Grass Trimmer UK Review 

By  Enda

Thanks for taking your time to read our review on the Flymo Contour XT electric grass trimmer and edger. This is an electric strimmer and as such plugs into the main's electricity, and is a very popular choice with UK buyers. They like the Flymo brand name, and this has been a consistent seller for them.

It has a 300 watt motor, dual auto-line feed and a 25 cm cutting diameter. These are pretty standard features for an electric trimmer. It is worth knowing that this model is also available with a 500 watt and a 650 watt motor. Those larger motors are going to give you more cutting power, but will also be more expensive to buy.

 Below we review this model in much more detail. This trimmer is designed to be used on small to medium sized gardens.

In a Hurry?

Below we have reviewed this grass trimmer in a lot of detail. However, if you don't have time to read all of the information, then you can check the availability at Amazon UK by clicking the button to the right.

Buyers Ratings

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall online buyers gave this an average buyer satisfaction of 86%
  • 60% of all those buyers gave this a full 5 star review
  • 5% of all buyers gave this mower a poor review

These ratings are based on over 10,000 online reviews from various websites. This trimmer is a big seller in the UK market, and overall it gets pretty good reviews.

Benefits & Drawbacks

We know how buyers rated this strimmer, and now we have summarised what those buyers had to say about their purchase. Below we have listed what buyers had to say in the form of a pros and cons table.

Pros & Cons


  • Buyers say this trimmer is very easy to set up when it arrives at your door
  • Quite a few buyers were extremely impressed with the cutting power of this strimmer
  • Buyers say that it can handle grass easily and can also deal with tougher thistles
  • Most buyers say that it is very good value for money
  • Most buyers said that it is light enough to be able to easily move it around


  • A few buyers say it is heavy and loud

My Summary

This is a reliable strimmer with a 25cm cutting diameter. The standard 300 watt model weighs around 2.8 Kg (6lbs) which is about the weight of 3 bags of sugar. Initially this may not sound that heavy, but if you are holding that for around 10-15 minutes, you may just change your mind.

Unfortunately most electric grass trimmers are around the same weight and cordless options are even heavier as you also have the weight of the battery. You should also know that the 500 watt motor model weighs 3.1 Kg (6.8 lbs)and the 650 watt motor model weighs 4.3 Kg (9.5 lbs)

When compared to other electric grass trimmers this is about the average weight you should expect. The trimmer and edger both work very well and it is well engineered and tough enough to last for a few years.

Specification at a Glance

Some buyers do like to know the full specification and technical details, so we have shown those below.

  • This is a corded electric strimmer designed for small to medium sized gardens
  • This type of strimmer is designed to cut grass, weeds and do lawn edges - (Not suitable for really thick weeds or brambles)
  • Comes with a good dual automatic line feed - uses a semi-auto spool that reduces manual adjustments to the high-performance twin line
  • The motor is 300 watts continuous power (also has 500 and 650 watt options)
  • The cutting speed is 10,500 rpm
  • It has a hook for storage
  • The cable length is 10 metres (33 feet)
  • To swap from strimming to edging, you push a button and rotate the head
  • It has a second handle to help balance the weight and give you more control
  • It also has a plant guard to protect border and flower bed plants when trimming

Video of this being used

Below you will find a video of this trimmer in action. and the different ways that it can be used.

Flymo Contour Trimmer Key Features

With any strimmer, there are typically a number of key features, and we have shown those below.

Cutting Width

This is the width of grass that a strimmer can cut without moving. The width primarily determines the speed at which you can cut your grass at. The larger the width the quicker you can cut your grass, as you will have to do fewer passes. This model has a 25 cms, (9.8") which is ideal for small to medium sized lawns.

Automatic line feed

This Flymo model has a dual automatic line feed. This means  there is no messing around with tangled spool lines; once the spool is finished you just put a new one in. This system works extremely well and is a major bonus with this model.

Compact and Powerful

This Flymo model is one of the lightest grass trimmers and edgers on the UK market. That makes it relatively easy to move around and easy to store using the hook. The 300 watt motor puts out plenty of power and cuts through grass with ease.

Cable Length

This Flymo model has a 10 metre (33 feet) electric cable. This is the standard size for most garden tools. It is usually long enough for smaller gardens but in medium sized gardens you will most likely need an extension lead.

Our Verdict on the Flymo Contour XT Electric Grass Trimmer

This trimmer has been around for a while now and remains a popular choice with UK buyers. This is a good choice for anyone with a small to medium type of garden.

It is powerful and gets through grass and weeds easily enough. It has all the right features, but we would not recommend this model for heavy duty cutting.

All Flymo products are covered for parts and labour for 12 months. If you register the product online then this can be extended to 2 years. Flymo also offer a good support and service in the UK.

They also have spares available, especially the line spools, and that of course is an important requirement.

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £48.00

If this is not the strimmer for you, then check out our article on all of the Best Strimmer options by clicking here. Or if you want to delve a bit deeper then we also have articles specifically on the Best Petrol Strimmer and the Best Cordless Strimmer available to you.

About the Flymo Brand

Flymo are a brand that forms part of the Husqvarna group, who are known primarily for their chainsaws, and also for their robotic lawn mowers and garden tractors.

They have dominated the hover mower market in the UK for many years, and make a range of different types of hover mowers. Flymo do build all their own mowers here in the UK, and have been doing so for 50 years.


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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