Best Hand Held Grass Trimmers UK Reviews 2021 

Best Hand Held Grass Trimmers UK  Reviews

Here we review what we believe to be the best models of manual or hand held grass trimmers in the UK market right now. These hand held devices come in a few different types. They are ideal for those who like to tend to their lawn with some care.

The electric trimmers are great for getting the job done quickly. However they can also spread grass all over the place, and also damage the lawn and flower beds, if not used properly.

With a manual trimmer, you will be slower, but the tidy up will be much faster, and you can be really fussy about the look that you want.

What Are the Different Types of Hand Held Trimmers?

Let's have a look at what is available for cutting grass, trimming edges and trimming shrubs and bushes. The most popular choice at the moment is the cordless style. They operate off a rechargeable battery and do a fabulous job, in my opinion.

You do of course have the normal grass shears, the cutter/lopper style and the classic garden shears. For the tougher jobs like pruning, there are also pruning shears.

The 5 Types of Trimmers and Edgers


Cordless manual hand held trimmers

Manual Shears

manual hand held shears


telescopic lawn edgers

Grass Shears

lawn and grass cutting shears

Pruning Shears

Pruning Shears Scissors Secateurs

Let's have a look at each type in a lot more detail. It depends on what task you want to get done, and how quickly you want to achieve that.

Cordless Grass Trimmers, Shears and Edgers

These have burst into popularity. They give you all the benefits of hand clippers, but with the assistance of a powerful battery. You can buy shears like this which are operated by hand. In other words you pull on a lever, and that makes the blades move, and cuts the grass or trims the edge of a lawn or flower bed.

With this type, instead of having to use you hand, which can get sore, you pull a trigger and let the battery do the work. By quite a long way these are my favourite type. They can actually change the way you do gardening forever.

They work on grass, but also on smaller shrubs and hedges. A typical one can help cut shrubs up to around 5 mm in thickness.

The main disadvantage of these is that they cost around £40-50, so not the cheapest option.

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Manual Grass Trimmers

I have been using these for years, and I really do like them. Electric strimmers are faster for sure. However when doing the edges of lawns, they fire the grass everywhere. Tidying up then becomes a bigger chore than it should be.

Using a manual one like this means the grass drops off, but it is easy to quickly tidy it up. All of them are a one handed operation. These cost around £15-20, work great. The big disadvantage is that you have to bend over to use them, and they can get sore on the hands after a while.

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Grass Cutters and Loppers

Most people will be familiar with these long handled or telescopic lawn edgers. For any gardener who likes a nice tidy lawn edge, and doesn't want a bad back, these are the ideal solution. Due to the length of the handle, you can easily stand, and allow the blades at the bottom to trim the edges.

You will find these in homes up and down the country. Any gardener who has had a bad back, is very likely to own a set of these. Some people also use these to trim grass where the mower can't reach, but they are no really designed for that.

They vary a bit in price from as cheap as £15, and up to £50 for a high quality pair.

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The Humble Grass Shears

If you don't already own a set of these, I will bet your parents or grandparents do. Before the invention of anything electrical, these were all that were available. I still find these really useful for certain areas of my own gardens.

I also find them handy to use at my allotment. They can handle grass with ease, hedges with ease, and even shrubs with ease. Today of course, there are all types of features on these, including spring loaded handles, telescopic handles, self-sharpening blades etc.

A big price range here. You can pay as little as £7 and all the way up to £50 for the higher end gardening brands.

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Pruning Shears

Again, like the shears above, these have been around for many years. They were initially designed for gardening tasks like pruning roses. In these modern times they are very cheap and most of them cost under £5.

The better quality ones will cost around £15-20 for a good brand. Some people do use these for doing the edges of lawns but I find they don't work that well. It isn't what they were designed for, and it is just hard work using them for this task.

If you have bushes and shrubs and need to cut them back, then these are the best ones to use.

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I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

Enda McLarnon

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