Best Cylinder Reel Mower UK Buying Guide 2022

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Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews on the best cylinder mowers. These are also known as reel mowers. This review is written for UK readers. Many people prefer to use this type of cylinder mower and have turned out some very beautiful lawns as a result. We realised when we started to do our research on these cylinder style mowers, that there were still lots of buyers for these.

To be honest, that did surprise us as we assumed with the many choices available, that no-one would even consider buying a mower, where you had to do all the hard work yourself. However, there are plenty of keen gardeners who still prefer to use these types of cylinder mowers.

Professional ground staff use these as they gently clip the grass rather than tear it like other mowers.

There is in effect, no running costs with these mowers and you are not polluting the atmosphere with fumes as you would with a petrol mower. They are also extremely quiet, especially when compared to a petrol or electric lawnmower.

For sure there is a lot more manual work, but in all honesty, the exercise that you get is well worth the efforts, as is the end result.

Top 9 Buyer Rated Cylinder Mowers

Just below you will find a top 10 list, where we have listed these mowers based on buyer ratings. Some buyers will leave reviews and also rate their purchase. They do this from a variety of online websites where this type of mower is sold. What we do is look at those and then summarise what they say.

That should save you some time doing your own research. In the table below you will find the product name and the average online buyer rating. This is the average buyer satisfaction rating that we calculated out of 100%.

By clicking on any of the product name links you can then read a more summary product review of each mower. That summary review includes the specification, and what online buyers have said. There is also a link to a more detailed review of each cylinder mower.

1. Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower

82% buyer satisfaction based on 3,500+ online buyer reviews

  • 38 cm cutting width
  • Cutting heights available 15-43 mm
  • 24 litre grass box
  • 5 bladed cylinder and rear roller
  • High gears on the side wheels
  • Measures 21.3 x 49 x 37 cm
  • Weighs 10.1 kg

We have used quite a few electric mowers from Bosch and have to admit we are huge fans. With an 82% rating and an RRP of £59.99, buyers are pleased overall with this model.

2. Einhell GC-HM 300 Manual Hand Push Lawnmower

88% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ online buyer reviews

  • 30 cm cutting width
  • Varying cutting heights between 15-42 mm
  • 16 litre collection bag
  • Steel blades for fast cutting
  • Measures 47.3 x 34.5 x 23.5 cm and weighs 6.5 kg
  • Overall this has a very good buyer rating
  • Those buyers who have gave this a bad review state that it broke almost anywhere there was plastic parts used, or in their words "fell apart."
  • Those who loved it said it did an excellent job, and the number of complaints is low at around 5%

The Einhell German brand are well known for making good quality tools. However opinion and ratings are very divided on this model, so we would advise you to consider other options. Around 60% of buyers gave this a 5 star review, and 5% give this a bad review.

3. Gardena Comfort Reel Mower 

86% buyer satisfaction based on 1,200+ online buyer reviews

  • 15.7" (40 cm) cutting width
  • 4 adjustable heights from 12-42 mm
  • The blades are made from high quality steel
  • It folds down for easy storage
  • Buyers said it was very quiet
  • Buyers also said it was easy to assemble

All the buyers agree that this mower is very well made and a joy to use. It is very quiet and cuts extremely well. The fact that it can also fold away makes it a popular choice. Buyers say it is on the high side for the price, but thought that the extra cost for this model was worth their investment.

4. Einhell Universal Hand Mower GE HM 38 S

78% buyer satisfaction based on 700+ online buyer reviews

  • 38 cm cutting width - Recommended for lawn areas up to 250 square metres
  • Varying cutting heights between 15-35 mm
  • 45 litre collection bag
  • Steel blades for fast cutting
  • Measures 47.3 x 34.5 x 23.5 cm and weighs 6.5 kg
  • Overall this has a very good buyer rating
  • Measures 45.5 x 55 x 27 cm
  • Weighs 7.77 Kg

5. Webb WEH12R Manual Hand Push

80% buyer satisfaction based on 300+ online buyer reviews

  • This is a 30 cm cutting width cylinder reel mower
  • It has large side wheels which are better for longer grass
  • You can adjust the height of cut easily from 13mm to 23mm by turning two large knobs
  • The grass collector is made of fabric which can hold up to 18 litres
  • It has a a front roller
  • Weighs 11 Kg
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

6. Fiskars Stay Sharp Plus Reel 

80% buyer satisfaction based on 300++ online buyer reviews

  • Uses stay sharp blades and they are very sharp
  • Cutting heights from 2.5- 10 cm
  • Long wheel base
  • Will cut through smaller twigs and dense grass
  • Height adjustable handle with padded grip
  • Measures 61 x 37 x 60 cm
  • Weighs 20 kg

At 86% buyer satisfaction, this is a good quality mower They are such a well known brand and we use many of their axes and other gardening tools. The reason we believe for the lower than expected ratings is most likely down to the very high price point.

With an average RRP of £230+ this is not a cheap option, and buyers also have much higher expectations. It is also quite a heavy machine and that will not be suitable for everyone.

7. Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower

84% buyer satisfaction based on 700+ online buyer reviews

  • This uses sharper cylinder mower blades
  • It has 4 cutting positions that can be adjusted using a single lever, 4 positions, 13 - 38 mm
  • The mower has an ergonomic foam padded handle bar
  • It comes with a 20 Litre catcher for a clean finish
  • It also comes with a 2-Year limited consumer warranty
  • Measures 58 x 43 x 26 cm
  • Weighs 11 Kg
  • 21 cm front wheel size

8. Cobra HM381 Manual Garden Lawnmower

88% buyer satisfaction based on 250+ online buyer reviews

  • Revolving cylinder with 5 blades and roller
  • The cutting height is adjusted using a single lever, 4 positions, 13 - 38mm.
  • 15" blade (38 cm)
  • It has a 20 litre collection bag
  • Has a rear roller that can help with stripes if you like those
  • Comes with a 2-Year limited consumer Warranty
  • Measures 53 x 43 x 26 cm
  • Weighs 8.5 Kg

All buyers said that this just takes a few minutes to assemble and then you are ready to go. It is very easy to use and also very easy to maintain. Buyers also say this mower cuts extremely well and makes cutting the lawn faster and without a great deal of effort.

9. Webb WEH12R Manual Hand Push Cylinder Lawnmower

84% buyer satisfaction based on 210+ online buyer reviews

  • 30 cm (12") cutting width with a front and back roller
  • Cutting height adjustment between 13-23 mm
  • 5 hardened steel blades on the cylinder
  • 18 litre grass bag
  • Measures 49 x 42 x 24 cm and weighs 11 kg
  • Good gear system on the cylinder
  • Full width rear roller
  • 2 year warranty

This mower does cut the grass really well and it is a light and easy to move about mower. Please note that on many of the online websites it stated that the handle folds, but it does not, so be aware. The main complaints are about the grass box, and the reality is that grass boxes on cylinder mowers, are all but a waste of time.

Overall though with an 84% buyer satisfaction rating, most buyers thought their purchase was a good one. 

Top Tips on Buying a Cylinder Mower

Below we will offer you some important tips for buying a manual push type cylinder lawnmower. You should find these really helpful especially if you are a first time buyer.

Benefits of a Cylinder Lawn Mower

Most buyers of this type of mower want to be able to quickly get a mower out of the shed or garage, cut their lawn quickly and then put the mower back. No leads, no extension leads or noisy petrol engines  to worry about. The cylinder mower is easy to use, light in weight and cuts the grass like a dream

You are not using electricity, using petrol or oil and not disturbing your neighbours on a quiet Sunday morning.

It's All About the BLADES!

With no motor to worry about, then this type of mower is really all about the quality and sharpness of the blade. The fast spinning blade on most other types of lawnmower spin very quickly, and in essence twist and pull at the grass. Don't get me wrong they also cut the grass quickly, but that ripping action does also do considerable damage to the grass, and as a result to the lawn.

With these more gentler mowers that does not happen. The gentle pushing turns the cylinder with the blades attached to it, and cuts the grass carefully. The better the quality of the blades, the easier it is to cut, and the longer they will last without needing to be sharpened.

Sharpening Blades

If the mower is cared for with just the most basic maintenance, then the blades will last for years. With this type of mower just make sure the lawn is free from debris such as twigs and smaller stones that may be lurking. When you have finished mowing, then give the blades a quick wipe with a cloth to get the moisture off them.

That is pretty much all you have to do with a mower like this. Unless you are a skilled engineer I would recommend not trying to sharpen the blades yourself. In most cases and inexperienced hand can makes the blades worse than when you first started.

Now if you consider yourself a bit of a handy man or woman, then you may want to watch a few videos on YouTube and have a go. Ideally it would be better to find an expert, though in these modern times, that type of trade has all but disappeared.

More often than not it is easier and more cost effective to buy a new mower. Let's face it a £50 mower will easily last you 5 years, so 20p a week is a good investment. Replacing it after 5 years would be cheaper than paying someone to sharpen the blades.

Check the Weight

Depending on your health and strength, mowing the lawn can often be a bit of a challenge. This type of mower does need to be pushed and on flat lawns that does not take too much effort. On gardens with slopes it could be more difficult for some people.

Many of these mowers are light and are easy to lift, easy to push and easy to store away. Some of them though, especially the higher quality ones, are heavy. Always check the exact weight before buying.


Most of these types of mowers have fixed handles. They can be wheeled inside a garage or larger shed and left there. Some people simply use a couple of larger hooks on the wall to hang them up. Ideally though the mower should have a handle that folds in the middle. That way they take up less room.

Underneath we have done a summary review of each of the cylinder lawnmowers in the table shown above.

How to Stripe Your Lawn with a Cylinder Mower?

I found this very useful video on how to get great looking stripes on your lawn when using a cylinder mower. In this one he is using a petrol driven cylinder mower, but the technique is the same with a hand push reel style of mower.

As you might know most home owners have made the switch to some type of electric or petrol mower. The cylinder or push mower still remains popular for many gardeners though, and it certainly is a joy to use, if you get the right one.

Thanks for visiting our UK gardening website which is made to help any beginner gardener. Many people enjoy their garden and our tips and advice are all written to help you get the most out of your outdoor space.

The website team are a group of experienced gardeners who share useful information and we were all beginner gardeners at some point. Enjoy!

- Enda mclarnon