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TEXAS PRO TRIM 560 Trimmer

Texas Pro Trim 560 Wheeled Grass Trimmer ReviewThere are just a few people who should consider buying this 4 stroke wheeled strimmer from Texas Pro. If you have a really big garden, with hard to reach grassy areas, then this would be a good choice. I think those who have orchards or fields/allotments should also consider […]

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McCulloch MWT420 Wheeled Trimmer

McCulloch MWT420 Wheeled Trimmer ReviewIf you want to be the proud owner of the best wheeled trimmer, currently available in the UK market, then the McCulloch MWT420, is certainly the one for you. This is the choice of the professionals, and as you can see from the images, this one certainly looks the part. It comes […]

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Best Petrol Wheeled Grass Strimmers

In this article we review the best petrol strimmers with wheels in the UK market. Many gardeners, landscapers and those with large gardens, know the benefits of using a petrol strimmer. For many though they can be a little heavy, and often cumbersome to use. One alternative method of getting around that problem, is to buy […]

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Trueshopping® 62cc Petrol Strimmer

Trueshopping® 62cc Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter Pro Garden ToolIf you are looking for a petrol trimmer, that will blast through just about anything, and get the job done fast, then this Trueshopping® 62cc petrol strimmer, is certainly the one to do the business. This model costs around £130, and at that price we think it is […]

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Best Petrol Grass Strimmers

In this article we review the best petrol strimmers in the UK market. These are also known as 2-stroke strimmers, because of the engine type. There are also some higher end 4-stroke models available. Generally speaking though, the two stroke engine, that uses a mixture of petrol and oil, remain the most popular choice.The petrol versions […]

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